10 Powerful Ways to Protect Your Energy

by Jo

1. Don't be a conduit for negativity.

We all know these people, those who find something to bitch, whinge or rage about constantly. In fact, these people often create their own intense brand of drama for attention.

You must protect yourself from this negativity by not becoming a vehicle for it. Don’t be agreeable. Don’t sit on endlessly listening to it and don’t jump on the bandwagon and agree with everything they say.

Misery loves company after all and the more we focus on it, the more it grows. And suddenly we’re feeling exhausted – like these people and their intense energy has literally sucked the life out of us.

If you are not going to play the game, don’t be polite and play the game. It’s as simple as that.

You teach people how to treat you. And it takes many years of practice to be able to thwart off unwanted negativity – but the moment you cut it out of your life and make yourself a zero tolerance space for that kind of interaction – the better you will become.

2. Be a visionary.

Create a literal visual barricade between you and negative energy. Imagine a force field or light-filled bubble around yourself and see the negativity bouncing off that in real time. So many of us are visually stimulated individuals, so to picture and conjure this image can be a psychologically powerful way of controlling the impact of negativity.

3. Construct a Mantra/Affirmation

So often we feel helpless and at the mercy of negativity – especially when it’s coming from someone you cannot disengage with or distance yourself from (family members, children, friends) – a powerful tool in your arsenal is the use of words in the form of a mantra.

It is a simple, yet effective mantra to overcome negativity experienced by those we love, in the moment.

Stay calm.


Repeat it.

4. Create sacred spaces in the home.

This is something I do automatically and the reason my business was born. Creating sacred, comforting, uplifting spaces you can retreat to and heal in – within the home, is so important.

Do it in a way that is soothing and comforting for you.

For me, I experience this feeling of sacred energy from layering colour, alongside the earth, with rustic, organic and vintage pieces that all pull together to reflect the story of our lives. The very second I light the incense….is the moment I can close my eyes and breathe intentionally.

5. Be powerful and intentional about WHO you are.

When we are easily influenced by other people – we find ourselves going along for the ride, for the dizzying highs, as well as the crashing lows.

If you find yourself changing constantly, depending on who you are spending time with – you are not standing in your own truth and are being swayed by external energies.

This is an exhausting way of being in the world and will never honour you.

6. Encourage others to be powerful.

So many of us don’t actively do this. Especially empaths. We take on others burdens and sorrows, hoping to help heal them and fix them and we feel their traumas, as if they are our own.

While its truly beautiful to want to help, assist and unburden others – we would be far more helpful to them by showing them what it looks like to be energetically powerful people and encouraging them to do the same.

Holding space for someone to grieve and grow, is far more powerful than trying to fix someone or something.
The ability to hold space, means you are steadfast in your own power, to the point where you do not allow the energy of others to negatively impact or alter your energetic space. By being this way – we allow others to see what this looks like and feels like.

7. Don’t be reactionary.

When we react quickly to others energy, whether negative or positive – we immediately disempower our own energy.

Practice a quiet pause before reacting to anyone or anything. Check in with your own energy and assess how this person or situation is truly leading you to feel. Allow your greatest self to step forward and don’t respond with ego driven reactions.

When we master controlling our own energy – we automatically become far less reactive to the world and happenings around us.

8. Don’t apologise for solitude.

If you know you are effected by the energies of the world around you – it’s time for you to honour yourself and set strong limits.

Life will pull and tug you in a million different directions and distract you with many shiny objects, all demanding your focus and attention NOW NOW NOW!

It’s ok to say NO.

It’s ok to get busy about the business of solitude. Immersing yourself in healing, growing, re-grouping, fine tuning and focusing fully on self.

There is nothing selfish about that – in fact, it is the single most important thing you can continue doing for yourself.

9. Own your negativity.

Let us not be ego driven in our quest to dodge negativity in others.

“I will not be around people who bring me down” – seems to be a common catchphrase these days – and whilst the intention is not to get wound up in the negative – the statement itself suggests “I am better than you and therefore you are not worthy of my energy”

When we understand that we are not separate from one another – but in fact, one collective energy – we understand the way we speak, think and feel influences the energy of the Universe.

10. Intentionally Meditate

Truthfully, hand on heart, this is the single most powerful thing I do for myself every single day. 

To begin a new day in quiet commune with self – to go inward and let go of all things that are not currently serving me, to begin afresh and express appreciation for all of the wonderful things in my life, ensures I’m in a happy place at the start of each new day.

For me, the sacred spaces within my home, make meditation and commune with self and the earth, much easier.

I wake up super early to have this precious time to myself before the world and my household wakes up.

It is truly a life changing process.

It brings a sense of peacefulness, clarity and happiness to this dense and often difficult human experience. It is also the quickest way with which I can re-align with self when I’m feeling imbalanced and out of sorts.

This is the time, you can gather yourself back into yourself my friends.

Where everything falls away and it is just you and the Universe and the beautiful energy of your sacred space. 

It is the single most powerful way I protect my energy.

Time well spent, to re-align, re-calibrate and replenish myself energetically, physically and spiritually.

Sometimes, after particularly hectic days or taxing events – I will practice meditation at night too.

To come down, to cloak myself in comfort, to commune with the earth and center myself once more.

Meditation is a daily gift I give my spirit.

Are you already consciously aware of some of these? Or all of these? 

Are you actively and intentionally putting the time, energy and effort into protecting your own sacred energy in your every day life?

I would love to hear about the methods and practices you have found, that work the best for you!

Biggest Love Always,