Feeling Colour

Spring has sprung! 

My garden is full of budding blooms, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, the skies are blue with puffy, white ice cream clouds....

And so, we're all feeeeeeeling colour!

From the fuchsia/magenta magnificence of the bougainvillea creeping against white walls, to the bright yellow daisies that have cropped up amidst the palms in the backyard. Oh it's glorious!

So Springtime 'colour' got me wondering about people and 'how' and 'if' we translate our love of colour into our wardrobe and our homes?

Do we?

I certainly do, but it doesn't take Spring to rear it's head, for that to happen for me.

Do you project colour? In your home? In your office? In your choice of clothing?

Suddenly the dark, blood red nails of winter, give way to the candy pink of Spring time?
That bright yellow cardigan gets a work out?

You bust out the glistening headpieces, the turquoise jewels, the groovy shades, that tangerine maxi dress?


Are we afraid of colour?

Perhaps in our homes we are. Perhaps in the home environment, there's something a little more permanent about colour? It's not as easy as stripping off a cardigan or tossing aside a light scarf?

Oh. Yes. It. Is!

Why can't it be?

Why can't we have soft furnishings that are interchangeable? Cushions that are awash with colour and texture, their brightly woven threads dazzling upon our sofa's?

Throw rugs, suzani's, wraps, bags, scarves, wall hangings - that add texture and colour, life and vibrancy to ourselves and our spaces?

Oh to wake up, in our own home and look around, and to feel the same way we do when we walk outside on a glorious blue-sky morning? Oh Yes Please!

I LOVE colour. All colours. I have no favourites. Although yellow is always a contender, so happy it seems within the home.

I am currently IN LOVE with the magenta/fuchsia colour of my bougainvillea. So striking. So very beautiful.

I have a lipstick that colour. I'm wearing it right now in fact, so inspired was I, when I sat down to blog.

I'd like a dress that colour too.

And I'd sit upon my bright yellow chair, in my room, with the bougainvillea coloured vintage suzani upon my bed...and I would be a priestess. A countess. A divine character from yesteryear, splendid in her beauty and glory, a bright yellow crown of daisies woven through my dark hair...

Oh yes, I would!

See how we can FEEL colour? I have created my own colour-board of beauty with things that I love, that exist right here, in my world, in my garden and my home - and together, those colours come to life in a way that moves me and inspires me!

What's your favourite colour right now? And why?

How does it lead YOU to feel?

We are all artists of our own worlds after all.

Be inspired to create your own glorious colour-board and add pieces and parts of what you love, to your life, yourself and your home...TODAY!

What are you waiting for?

With love,

Jo <3