Manifestation and Beautiful Interiors - What's the Link?

by Jo

For me friends, this is personal.

Some of you may be wondering about my spiritual segue into manifestation and how that works with my business, which is interiors, global home wares and beauty.

Do they even tie together?

And if so, how?

And WHY?

Well, for me, my business has been a labor of love.

Textiles, colour and beautiful things has long been my anchor to the earth and my one way ticket to heaven, all at the same time!

As a child who suffered immense traumas - I was always drawn to beautiful things.

Books, swathes of material, pretty objects, flowers, art...they made me FEEL good. 

When in my real life, everything I knew and experienced, felt so incredibly bad.

As I grew older, this love and penchant for beauty, translated into my own home interiors.

My focus on finding, curating and cultivating immensely beautiful things, that hold a story and capture an element of whimsy, became the business I built with such love.

I am not an Interior Designer.

I am not a Stylist.

I am just a creative, who has always been elevated and left breathless and changed, by beautiful things.

Inanimate objects, Mother Natures elements, a meadow full of wildflowers, old vintage jewelry - ALL the things!

And so my business was born and with time, bloomed.

If we then think about Manifestation in it's very simplest form - to begin, to start intentionally and actively calling in all that we desire into our physical human experience - we must begin from a place of elevation.

Of joy.

Of love.

For me, the quickest route to feeling this way, was always through having, acquiring, gifting, holding, gazing at and showing, beautiful things.

Handcrafted, worn, loved, vintage, imperfect things - were even better!

I very subconsciously, learnt to raise my vibration through actions and feelings of joy.

I am able to immediately elevate my energetic state through the experience of beauty.

And from THAT place, I have learnt to Manifest with effortless abandon.

That's not all there is to Manifestation mind you. 

It's not as simple as it seems sometimes.

But elevating yourself to a state of absolute joy, or love, or excitement, or the magical hum of anticipation? 

Well, the Universe responds to that, by giving you MORE of it!

"What we think about, we attract"

So, the marriage of Manifestation, to my business, which brings me such immense joy - is actually not as odd as it first might seem.

Every unique, one of a kind piece is sourced with the greatest love and thought.

Each handcrafted, handwoven, colourful suzani, makes my heart ache with such immense appreciation.

Each rug, found and sourced with such care, holding beautiful, generational stories woven into it's threads, lifts my soul in a way nothing else can.

I walk the souks of Morocco, to find these special pieces. I ask for the story or meet the family who made them and I carry them home with absolute joy in my heart, for the history and the energy of creation that resides in each one.

Always colourful, always artistic, always the most beautiful and boldest statement pieces I can find.

I don't see just a throw, or a rug - I see all the beautiful human hands that made them and the all the stories they hold and all of the creative, loving energy that bought each piece into being.

What you see in my online store, is all that I personally love. It is the visual culmination, of everything that has elevated my spirit or put me in a state of joy.

And all of that good energy, is then shared, with all of you.

Always knowing and trusting, that my pieces will undoubtedly end up, with the person they're meant to be with.

My entire business plan (and lets be honest, there wasn't one!) was based on this fundamental idea and energetic premise and belief, that each glorious piece, would attract exactly the person who was "meant" to have and love them.

I am merely the curator of beauty and the conduit for their long, loving journey home.

And what a privilege and an honour that will always be!

So there you have it my friends.

The summation of this odd coupling of Manifestation/Spirituality and Interiors/Home wares!

Beauty, born from the very foundation, of my greatest trauma's, nurtured into vivid, glorious life and then transformed into beauty - that I get to share, so whole-heartedly with each and every one of you.

I am so eternally grateful for it.

This process of elevating myself into a state of joyfulness and love - was my child-like way of healing all of the broken pieces that made up who I was.

Subconsciously, in spite of my life and because of my life - I managed to transform all of the blinding pain, into something tangible and whimsical and beautiful, for myself - and for you.

My business, was my very own version of self healing

Without me actually knowing it, in the beginning.

It has truly been the greatest gift.

And it's the very reason I love Morocco so much. 

That magnificent country truly does mirror this life experience for me.

  • Finding beauty, in the ruins.
  • Turning tragedy, into the greatest triumph.
  • Standing in the centre of adversity and finding joy in spite of it and because of it.

And I'm telling you, when you do that, when you go against the very human response to dwell and wallow in your own pain - when you reach beyond it all and allow yourself to find joy and love and excitement and beauty in things that may be incidental or insignificant in the eyes of others....Oh when you do THAT my friends, the entire world shifts in ways that will rock you to your core.

Life is not easy.

This dense, complicated, human experience can be overwhelming and so incredibly hard.

But to find ways and means and methods, to transform it all into something beautiful?

THAT'S the beginning of magic right there.

"As we FEEL, so we become."


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Beauty really does exist in everything my friends.

I hope you find some for yourself today!

Biggest love,