The Beauty of the Bohemian

by Jo

When we hear the word 'bohemian' it immediately conjures images of peasant skirts, flip flops and braided hair. It has become, a super chic trend at the present time, but lets break 'bohemia' down to what it really is - a form of art.


Bohemian style is eclectic, individual and diverse. There are no hard and fast rules, it's the freedom to choose what to wear, how to do your hair and how to live within your home. Does 'bohemian' lend itself beautifully to the 'unique'? To the 'different'? To the sometimes odd matching of pieces, colours and textures? Of course!

There is light and shade here.

The beauty of bohemian style is more precisely, that there are no rules. It's exploring and finding your individuality within the confines of your personal style, your life and your home.

It's freedom.

It's the unflappable ability to choose what you truly love, rather than what you think would be acceptable.

That's what I love most about bohemian style, that's the way I've lived my entire life and it's the very reason I started this business.

How many times have I heard "Oh where did you get that?", "Where did you find that?", "How did you make that?" - if I had a dollar for each time, my bank balance would rival Bill Gates', let me tell you. (Sadly, it doesn't, for those interested!)

From my fundamentally 'hippie' turn as a teen (I was so ahead of my time, it was ridiculous!) Or my choice of bags, shoes, jewellery, or the furnishings in my home. I have always been drawn to the unique items. The one-of-a-kind, often vintage pieces that no one else has...or wants....or has discovered yet! 

I have an affliction to mass produced anything. 

I really do.

It makes me break out in hives every...single...time.

I cringe at the very thought of having something 7 billion other people have. 

I break out into an unattractive sweat at the weighty burden of the 'mainstream'.

My mother always said I was 'strange', 'different', even a bit 'weird'. But she was always so proud when she uttered those words, a sly smile playing on her lips. 

I was confident in my individuality. I didn't look to anyone else for approval or to give me gumption enough to tear the sleeves off a perfectly good jacket and team it with a psychedelic mini skirt made from my grandmothers polyester dress from the 60's, long black socks, doc martens, a messy beehive up-do and oh-so-many necklaces and beads, I should have really toppled over under the sheer weight of them!

Did I look ridiculous?


But my goodness I felt majestic every time I left the house.

And that's it isn't it? The 'feeling' these things give you. You can't underestimate the magic of the way something moves you to feel.

And so, as I've grown up and grown older, I have found that beautiful feeling in the items and objects I surround myself and my family with, in our home. From a stunning Moroccan wedding blanket upon the bed, who's glistening beads, catch the afternoon sunlight, making it look alive and awash with diamonds, to the richly textured suzani draped across my bright yellow chair, to the spanish cupboard I found, almost abandoned and in need of my love and care....

I look around my home and my heart is full. Every piece has a story, a history, I remember where I purchased or acquired each and every item. From the vintage posters in frames hugging my walls, or the striking green cupboard that welcomes my guests as they walk a fuscia pink, bougainvillea-lined pathway to my front door. Everything has it's place and sits with pride alongside everything else.

Does everything 'match'? Of course not. In my home there is no formula, no rules, no decorating 101 - and yet, every guest who has passed through our home, comments endlessly on how 'warm' it is, how it's filled with 'love', how 'beautiful' it looks.


Besides the fact that our home, is indeed filled with love, we have pieces and objects and possessions that we have chosen because of the feeling they evoke in us. We love them too.

So with that said, and please, I am no design guru or interior decorator, I am just a girl, who loves beautiful people and things and I surround myself with both. 

Life is good.

In fact, life is grand :)

My only advice, is to surround yourself with friends, family and things, that make your heart swell. That bring you happiness when you gaze upon them, that you fall in love with the second you see them. Be creative, use your imagination, find the magic that still resides within and unleash it, live alongside it, allow it to come to life.

Surround yourself with that.

And then do more of that.

And some more.

Until your life is overflowing with colour and texture and laughter....and love.

Where you live, the space you spend your time, the room you sleep in - deserves the divine.

YOU deserve the divine.

Find that.

And bring it home.