The Manifestation Masterstroke - Part 2

by Jo

Part 2 With 

Part 2 

If you watched my Instagram stories yesterday, you will know the beautiful manifestation story I shared about Pauline Spinks, finally manifesting what she desired into her reality.

The power of this story lies in the speed with which the Universe delivered this to her, the moment she decided to SURRENDER!


Part two of this Manifestation Masterstroke - is to SURRENDER.



And my friends, that may sound basic. And it really is! But it’s far harder to put into practice, than it seems.

You see, what I know through personal practice and my client work, is this.

Once we decide we want something and we intentionally set about manifesting this thing into our lives – we often become obsessed by it.

We think of it constantly,

We wonder why the Universe isn’t delivering?

We wonder how long it is going to take?

We wonder why it seems to be taking so long?

We wonder if we don't deserve it?

Ohhh and it spirals out of control!

You see, Pauline, manifested that Moroccan wedding blanket into her life. She aligned her energy, she ALLOWED (as we spoke about in part one here) BUT….a few things happened to lengthen her process.

She was in a space of resistance, because she said and kept believing “I can’t afford this” and for Pauline, that was her truth in the reality of her NOW.

But my friends, let me share something really profound with you.

You don’t need to be able to “afford” something to be able to energetically welcome it into your reality.

Negative money talk is a limiting belief and a repetitive story so many of us tell ourselves.

What we think, we become.

You cannot successfully manifest from a place of resistance.

So here’s the key;

  • You must surrender the outcome
  • You must let it go
  • You must not demand a timeframe on what you manifest.

The Universe does not work to time frames.

Time is a man made construct that we have created for our own existence here on earth.

The Universe is limitless, timeless, infinite. There is no such thing as time.

So the delivery of what you’re manifesting, will depend on whether you are an energetic match for what it is you want.

Are you?

Sometimes, to have that which we desire most, we must evolve and ascend.

I always say to my clients, particularly those trying to manifest the perfect partner.

Write a list of all the traits you want in a partner. Everything that’s a non-negotiable and a MUST HAVE for you.

When you’re done, look at the list, read each one out loud.

Now to attract that partner – you must BECOME that partner.

Do you see how this works?

The Universe forces us to level up and to grow – to be a perfect match for all that we’re welcoming into our world.

Nothing is out of our reach.

Nothing is beyond our reality.

But we must:


It is through the intentional action of surrendering, that we release the ‘how’s’ and ‘when’s’ and we just relax into the KNOWING that all we want for ourselves, is making its divine way to us.

So back to the beginning!

The Universe presented ME with a beautiful Moroccan Wedding Blanket, that I didn’t need, nor had I been searching for – for the most ridiculous price I have ever seen.

I, as a textile hoarder, jumped at the chance of purchasing it for next to nothing – because it would have been criminal NOT to buy it at that price.

7 seconds later, Pauline was in my Instagram Inbox, intentionally surrendering her manifestation of a Moroccan Wedding Blanket!

And BANG! Worlds collide.

I felt a surge of warmth through my entire body, as if the Universe was crawling through me whispering “This one was meant for her”

There are no coincidences in life my friends.

Pauline was aligned, she was vibrating at the right frequency, she called this Moroccan Wedding Blanket into reality.

BUT – because she was still in a state of some resistance, the Universe used my open channel as the means to get Pauline what she desired. At the price that was right for her and the quality which she had longed for.

This was a powerful lesson for me too!

The Universe is ALWAYS trying to work what you desire most into your life!

But I can’t personally be the conduit for everybody! Haha

With more clarity, than ever before – I know I MUST help people get to the place of no resistance!

Where a knowingness lives. Where you are in a constant state of awareness, that the Universe is always working towards your highest good.

When you are vibrating at this level of consciousness and awareness – the Universe cannot help but give you all that you desire! And will often OVER deliver!

Through ALLOWING and SURRENDERING to the process – it’s like you’re going on universal auto-pilot. 

Your belief that you deserve and will get what you’re manifesting, is so absolute – that you don’t need to know the how and the when – you are just aligned and open to receiving.

And my friends, THAT is ebb and flow.

The Universe is always working WITH us.

But we must realise and learn, that these intentional actions and processes are necessary to get the results we desire most!

And we know, from Pauline’s incredible story – that the Universe can respond with great immediacy. But again, I was only shocked by it, because I long ago let go of the construct of placing time limits on anything.

Instead, my focus is always on BECOMING.

More aligned. More attuned. An energy match in every way for the bigger, bolder life that awaits me!

And yes, I believe it! And you should too!

The Manifestation Masterclass will be a step by step, in depth guide to helping you understand the practice’s and processes of Manifestation – so that you can use it, repeatedly, for yourselves and the big, beautiful life you are actively and consciously creating for yourself!

And, you get ME with you, every single step of the way!

I have been practicing manifestation for many years – by now, it’s an intentional, daily ritual for me.

And I can share with you, many of my very own manifestation stories – and I will!

But just know my friends, as I assess my own life – everything that exists in reality for me, was a construct of my mind, called into existence. EVERY THING.

So let us go back to SURRENDER.


Place your hand on your heart – look upward (at the sky if you can, or just upward if you’re inside) chest thrust out, opening your heart chakra for the Universe.

Every time I say this mantra, I get a little teary eye’d.

Because this is love in it’s purest essence my friends.

You are the Universe and the Universe is you.

You’re only job is to ascend and align – everything else is already yours – you just have to call it into existence.

This is not some kind of magic.

It is simply energy. All of life, is energy. The entire Universe we live in, is energy.

Like attracts like.

What we think about, we bring about.

When we surrender, we receive.

Pauline’s journey toward manifestation is a testament to that!

I have been overwhelmed by your stories and responses on Instagram!

You have all elevated my spirit into another realm with your own tales of subconscious and conscious manifestation!

You are all magnificent!

We all are.

Now, to get you to the place where you believe it! Because THAT, is where the real magic truly happens my friends.

Hit the link here to register your interest for the Manifestation Masterclass and be the first to have access to it, when I birth this beautiful course into the world!

This is me, at a place in my life – where I have never felt so aligned, so whole, so attuned and so blessed.

And I want YOU to feel that too!

And more than that, I want you to intimately KNOW exactly how to get there for yourself.

My practices and processes work EVERY TIME, for me.


It doesn’t mean life is not hard. It doesn’t mean you avoid every challenge – but it WILL mean, that you know exactly how to respond to these bumps, how to recover quickly and how to get yourself back to your highest state of vibration to RECEIVE!

  • Allow
  • Surrender
  • ……

Part 3 is coming for you next week!

And this sharing, is just the beginning my friends. I want, no I literally ACHE for you all to have the opportunity to live a much bigger, bolder and far more beautiful life!

I KNOW you can!

And I KNOW you will!

Register HERE for the Manifestation Masterclass coming soon

Big Love,