Bohemian Styling



Bohemian style is really a mix of all things you love. Global finds, vintage finds, mixed in with modern loves and somehow they all live alongside one another harmoniously. The old adage "Live with what you love" couldn't be more truthful when it comes to your home environment. Your home really should be a reflection and representation of who you are and all who live within the walls. A bohemian, eclectic style comes easily to me after spending a decade trapesing the globe and falling in love with everything, everywhere. My home is a mix of beautiful vintage pieces, antique finds, global and tribal pieces all sitting comfortably alongside modern influences.


We are a family of seven people (5 children and my husband and I) and we all live very comfortably in our bohemian jungle home. It's unique and unlike any other, our children love that everything in our home has a story and is a reflection of every one of us. There are sentimental pieces, time worn and weary pieces, global finds from years ago and gifts given for special occasions. Much of our furniture consists of vintage finds and incredible bargains, which I have an uncanny knack of uncovering!


Be unapologetically YOU in your home. It is your haven and your sacred space. Surround yourself always with things, objects and the kind of beauty that you love.

With Love, Jo





Moroccan bohemian bedroom

Bohemian bathroom

My bohemian space and vintage Moroccan rug

My Boho Bedroom - inspired by Frida Kahlo

Bohemian living room