About Us




I am Jo Brittles.


Creator, Retreat Leader, Master Energy Healer, Master Manifestor and owner of La Boheme - which translates to 'The Bohemian'- it is a business built from a personal passion for travel, people, design, decorative art pieces, beautiful words and an intense service to others, in the ever changing landscape of global beauty and living.

I manifested this business into vivid, beautiful life.

Home decor and manifestation are not the most obvious marriage in the world - but beautiful textiles are my love and passion - manifestation is my natural state of daily being, in this life.

So I created a business, with beauty AND soul.

To read more about my personal journey, I welcome you to peruse the blog, Instagram or my Tiktok account, where I do and will continue to share more of myself.


In February 2021, my life was changed forever when I died during a routine day surgery. 

Already a deeply spiritual person, my death experience was intense and deeply profound.

I share this in more detail, in a thoughtful and very careful way on my Tiktok account, which has become a part of my own personal integration experience, as I attempt to navigate the rapidly changing world I find myself in.


In the meantime, I am so happy that you're here!

Each piece, sourced or created with love, has a story, a memory, a moment ~ and because of that, every item holds an energy resonance of creation and beauty that is unique, imperfect, sometimes floored, but always utterly magnificent.

Just like each one of us.

Do you feel the synergy here?

I believe, with great conviction, that every precious piece ends up where it's meant to be and with whom it was always intended for.

And each person who buys a global piece, attends a retreat with me, receives an energy healing and activation, takes my courses or follows my journey, was drawn here for a reason, far greater than the both of us.

Welcome home friends.

BIG Love,