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"Her gifts are incredible, she is a healer no doubt about it" J.S., CA


"I have it all, everything I have ever wanted, but I was miserable and unfulfilled. Jo gave me the gift of freeing myself and finally seeing myself, as I was intended to be. This was a total life changing experience for me. Forever indebted" Manny, CO


"I was so successful, but I felt like a complete fraud. Jo tore me open, so I could see who I was and what I actually wanted from this life. The work she does is breathtaking, profound and incredible. I am changed." Carly B, NY


This one on one activated soul-level partnership, is for those who have worked their way up and cultivated an amazing level of success and material wealth - but feel impossibly impoverished in almost all other aspects of their lives.


What we know for sure, is that money, whilst a conduit for great opportunity, is not the answer to happiness or life fulfillment.

My clients show me this in magnified form over and over again.


I work one on one with change makers, fast movers, the best of the best and the elite in their field - but just because you seemingly "have it all" does NOT mean you actually "have it all".


You come to me, if you're ready to drop the dead weight in your life, stop pretending, emerge from the chaos and actually come to enjoy the life you have so meticulously created for yourself.


I KNOW you didn't come to the Earth plane to actually curate the dream life, only to feel every day as if you're an imposter or a fraud.


The key, no matter what material wealth you have, is to tap into your SUPER SELF and uncover;

* What it is you really want.

* Who you really are.

* And what really is your life purpose.


A new activated level of awareness and insight awaits!

BUT, I need to make sure you are ALL IN.


I work privately and exclusively with those who are ready for high energy commitment, transformation, investment and WORK.


So if the following resonates with you, maybe it's finally time to change your life?


* You're well acquainted with the best-selling self help and spiritual books, but you're READY to stop consuming content and do the kind of intense self work that gets you rapid and real results.


* Life looks perfect for you on the outside, but the initial pride and excitement that comes with each achievement doesn't last long anymore and you're constantly wondering "What's next?" "Is this it?" "Is this even what I want?"

You're READY to get off this rollercoaster!


* You find yourself questioning whether the life you have so carefully created for yourself, is actually even what you want anymore. Materially, you have so much and yet something so tangible and so important is missing from your life experience. 

Your finally done with the facade, you're done pretending, you're done living up to other people's expectations of you and you're READY to get crystal clear about what it is YOU want and WHO it is you were intended to be for the world.


This is a fully immersive, bespoke, soul-aligned partnership.

A healer doesn't ever heal you. A true healer, shows you, with the greatest love and guidance, how to heal yourself.

This partnership, is designed specifically, for those who want to experience a highly focused, one on one activation of conscious awakening and spiritual alignment.

I am guided and gifted to assist you in your process of surrender, soul activation and re-birth.


Exclusively for 7-Figure+ earners.


You will experience;


Unlimited Access To Me Via Whatsapp

Zoom/Facetime/Whatsapp Meetings Weekly for Total Support (and as necessary)

Weekly Intuitive Partnership Sessions. 

One Private, In-Person, Spiritually Focused & Aligned 2 Day Experience




Access to all of my programs

A ticket to my annual Morocco, Peru or India Retreats (once travel is open for us all again)

This partnership is exclusively for six months, with open access to my mastery, intuitive and psychic abilities, energy healing and expertise.


*An investment in yourself, at this exclusive level facilitates instant scholarships for any and all of my other programs


I only work privately, one on one, with 5 people per year. 


This level of spiritual and intuitive healing work, is intense and to ensure my energy is directed wholly where it's needed most, private one on one client spots, are strictly limited.


I have just one spot left for 2021.


If you're finally ready and open to embrace your vulnerability and truth, as a fast track to spiritual alignment, ascension and personal freedom, I invite you to register via the contact form.


Please give me a brief overview of what you feel your challenges are and what it is, specifically, you desire to work through or work on.


Lets see if our energy aligns for a partnership pairing in 2021!


With warmth & great love,