The 48 Hour Manifestation Game




Over the next 48 hours, we're going to play a game.

The one thing my students are always most interested in, is MONEY!

But I have used this method for many manifestations, so we're never limited my friends!

For the purpose of this game however, coinciding with the incredibly powerful 12/12 energy of the full moon, lets manifest some cash!

'GAME' is the operative word here.

I don't want you to get fixated about it or hung up on it.

Treat it is as a fun way to monitor your thoughts, dreams, desires and idea's.

Keep your vibration in a state of excited anticipation.

 We live in an energetic world my friends.

Every thought, feeling, belief, idea or desire, emits an energetic, vibration and frequency.

That frequency is then met by a physical counterpart - and this is what we know as the law of attraction.

Whatever comes into our experience, is a direct result of the energetic state we are in.


This fun Money Manifestation Game is one I play with myself from time to time, usually over a weekend because it's convenient, but certainly not necessary. You can play whenever you like, wherever you like.


Money is just energy.

We have made it far more important in our 3D earthly existence, as if it can define us, ruin us, or elevate us to rock star status.

When the truth is, money is just a man-made, physical, human construct of the exchange of energy.

A payment gateway, but still energetic in it's essence and intention.

Money itself is not powerful. In fact money doesn't actually mean anything - it's we human beings who give it such powerful meaning.

 On a positive note, it is also we human beings who can ensure we energetically call in the abundance, wealth and prosperity that is our birthright to claim in this lifetime.

 The key to this game is to :

  • Feel the excited anticipation of what is you want, and know it's on it's way to you!
  • Be open and receptive to the signs and synchronicities around you.
  • Detatch from the outcome. (What comes, is not as important, as you sitting in the fullness of that excited anticipation of already having what it is you want)

When we become forceful and obsessed with something, the more resistance we create for ourselves. 

The more at ease we are, the more excited we become and that sweet spot unfurls, where we experience the beautiful anticipation that whatever it is we are longing for, is already on it's way to us - the more we are open to the flow of the Universe working in our favour - the more at ease we are when manifesting from a place of excitement and anticipation, the more we invite that energetic experience into our lives.

The more money will flow!

More of everything will come with far greater ease into our experience.

 So, how do we play this little game?

I'm glad you asked!

Lets have some fun beauties!

Follow the points below, precisely as I share them and once complete, forget that you played this game at all!

Sounds hard? But the more we're attached to the outcome, the more resistance we create for ourselves. 
Remember, this money is already yours, it's just trying to find it's way to you - letting go and allowing it to find you, is the most important part.

Now lets see it show up!


Choose an amount you can believe in! If something feels on an impossible frequency to you, energetically, it cannot find you. 

So decide on an amount you feel comfortable receiving.

Maybe it's $50? $100? $500?

Many of my students start small, before working their way up with this game.

But I urge you to start wherever it FEELS GOOD. 

THAT is always the best place to start.



"Thank you for the $_____ that I have received so unexpectedly Universe! 

I surrender to the process and don't need to know the 'how' or the 'where from' - I believe that this is already my money and I have complete faith that it's already making it's way to me.

May this, or something far greater come my way in the next two days. I believe and so it is."


Fold this piece of paper up and put it in your purse, or a drawer at home - any place you can easily find it again.

Tomorrow morning you will find it, read over it once again, feel the excited anticipation of your desire, holding the paper to your heart and then fold it up and put away, only to be viewed again, once you experience the magic of your actual manifestation!


This is where we sit in the excited anticipation of our money arriving for us!

No matter the 'how'?.

No matter the 'where from?"


Celebrate it! Let the rush of deep appreciation and delight course through your body!

Allow the excitement of your money finding you, to flush your experience right now and sit in that vibrational frequency for as long as, or as often as you can.

Go about your day saying "thank you" with a knowing smile, because it's on it's way baby!

Believe it with every fibre of your being.

Imagine all the things you will do with this amount and the relief and joy it will bring you the moment it is gratefully received!

Feeling excitement, energetically, will only draw more exciting things to you!


Now it's time to pay attention to any signs, synchronicities and queues of alignment you will experience during this challenge.

You might see angel numbers repeatedly? 111,222,888

Maybe you suddenly feel inspired to clean out your handbags and coats and you surprisingly find money in a zippered section or the pocket?

Maybe, like me, you take the lead to clean out your everyday purse and find a $20 note wrapped around receipts or random pieces of paper!

During this challenge, you may feel inspired into these kinds of actions to "clear". 

Clearing itself, is our energetic way of making space for that which we desire to manifest for us.

So it totally makes sense, if you become inspired to suddenly clear out your car, under your couch, the kitchen bench, your purse, your coats or your desk.

Say thank you with a divine and knowing smile, with each discovery, no matter how small or large and know that the rest is on it's way!

Maybe you win a competition? Maybe an old debt will be paid? Maybe you will receive a gift card or a 50% off voucher?

The "how" is not important to you - but it is important that you pay attention to the synchronicities and alignment that your vibrational state is attracting!

Keep a tally!

Write every little find, gift, unexpected voucher/deposit or re-paid debt down and say thank you with that knowing and divine smile each and every time!

When I do this, I exclaim with excitement "oh what a gift! Thank you!"

And I do this for everything, not just money. But food, flowers, sales in my business, coffee, my favourite dessert, an unexpected hug from my children, when I find an item of clothing I haven't worn for ages! 

I get excited and give thanks for the gift! This has become one of my daily practices.

The recognition and acknowledgement that the Universe is providing precious gifts for you, immediately shifts your energy to one of excitement, receiving and appreciation!

When you're in the vibrational state of receiving and giving thanks, the Universe will provide more things for you to receive and give thanks for.


Forget about the actual $ amount you have written down. 

In this process, there is no room for expectations. Once we place expectations on the outcome, we are creating resistance!

We simply go about our lives. We work, we raise kids, we go for our run or clean our house.

However, we are more aware, our frequency heightened and we're paying attention to the signs of alignment and the synchronicities around us.

When we feel our thoughts wandering back to the $ amount - shift the thought immediately and sit in that feeling of excited anticipation once more.

Our consciousness doesn't know the difference between a thought or feeling, verses what is happening in our actual dense reality.

So when you sit fully in the feeling of excited anticipation - energetically, you are already receiving!


On Day 2 of the 48 hour Manifestation Game, you're going to repeat everything above, with one small difference!

At some point in that final 24 hours, at whatever point you choose, I want you to write this down on a piece of paper;

  • Money flows to me so effortlessly and so easily. 
  • I am joyfully and so gratefully abundant, in every area of my life.
  • I live in and return to, the excited anticipation of knowing that  infinite prosperity is mine.
  • What a gift! Thank you Universe. Thank you!

I want you to say it out loud. Hold the paper to your heart and repeat it.

Fold this piece of paper up and place it in your purse. Wrap it with money of your choice, it can be any denomination, but fold the money over your piece of paper and say "thank you" with that divine and excited smile you have now mastered!


When your manifestation materialises in your reality, it's time to appreciate and celebrate!

Thank the Universe! Do cartwheels around your living room! Jump for joy! Yahoo and squeal in the utter delight of it all!

Call your friend! Tell your neighbour! 

Feel the epic rush of appreciation and gratitude and share this manifestation milestone, in all the ways that make you feel good!

This is an important step - because when you celebrate money, you invite more money into your experience!


Woooooo chile! 


Yasss! Tell me! I would love to hear about it here.

Or better yet email me support@thewishingtrees or tag me on instagram (@labohemehouseofthewishingtrees) and share with me what you have manifested and allow me celebrate the greatness of YOU on my feed!

Share this game with your Mama, your friends and your colleagues! Get busy raising the collective energetic vibration to draw even MORE, to be thankful for into your life!


Don't despair! There is no reason to give up!

Try tweaking your manifestation? (really choose an amount that you believe in and that excites you!) and try again!

The more you remain in the excited anticipation of receiving this manifestation, the greater chance you have of welcoming it into your experience faster!

So there is no need to be upset. Time is linear friends, the Universe will deliver it to you, no matter what.

With that belief and ZERO expectations, we can enjoy this game over and over again, with the excitement and anticipation it deserves!

When we have an open mind and an open heart, I promise you, the Universe will dazzle you with it's brilliance!

AND your own power will leave you utterly breathless!


Have fun beauties!

And tell me everything!


Big Love



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