Manifestation Masterclass








"Manifestation" is a term that is used often in today's world.


And on the surface it seems simple right?


You think of what it is you desire.

You place your order.

You wait.


And wait.

And wait.


So many people have said to me "What am I doing wrong? This just does not work!"


And it made me wonder, do you really know the power and process of manifestation?

Do you understand it?


This aint no drive through window my friends! This is LIFE!


And everything we put out into the world is ENERGY.


We vibrate at different levels, every moment, of every single day.


And I can tell you this ;

Everything in MY life, is a manifestation of all I have ever dreamed of.




At the time, I wasn't conscious of it of course.


But having done it now, a million times over, I understand the process and the speed with which the Universe responds when you know, honour and understand how it works.


Manifestation is NOT some woo woo magic.

It is a simple process when you know and understand the HOW.

But until you do, you will receive a whole lot of nothing!



For 7 years, I was a single Mother to one beautiful child, literally living pay cheque to pay cheque. 350lbs+ of OBESE. Miserable, stuck and VERY single! In my mid to late 30's, I wasn't sure if the constant alone-ness and doing-it-toughness and the somber broken record of sadness, would ever end.


It was on the balcony of my little shoe-box apartment one night, gazing up at the stars, that my whole world changed. Literally, in an instant!


And I finally understood the process of manifestation.

The art. With intense and great clarity.

I could impress you with the way and speed with which my entire world changed...and believe me, I WILL tell that story.


But I first want to make it crystal clear, that everything you have ever desired, is waiting for you on the other side of understanding.

I want, no....I feel the call, to make that process so much simpler for you.


You don't need to exist in an endless void of nothingness, like I did, for years and years on end.


Are you ;

* Practicing manifestation and you feel like nothing is happening?

* Are you eager to learn how it works and what you need to do?

* Are you intrigued enough to want to go ALL IN and finally have the opportunity to manifest your wildest desires?

* Do you want to learn, master and harness your own power?

* Are you down? Depressed? Longing for something more than what life is currently offering you?

* Do you have the sense that some big shift is coming, but you're standing on an endless precipice and it never quite seems to happen for you?




I'm about to give you the foundation of knowledge that you need to step fully into your own power.

And I'm so excited to!

More than that, I will share with you, a partial chapter of my life, that truly changed the entire trajectory of my world and put me on the path, to setting the world on fire!




If you're ALL IN, if you're willing, if you have the desire to truly open yourself to learning and leaning into manifestation and the beautiful life that awaits you - I look so forward to sharing everything I know with you!


Intake for this course will be limited and exclusive.


The course is coming together right now (at lightening speed, I might add! The Universe is ushering me to you with no apologies!) and I am so excited to serve on a much wider scale, than I was ever capable of doing with my exclusive one on one clients.


2019's theme, is all about GOING BIG, making bold decisions and stepping fully into our power!


Are you ready?


Register your interest  below and you will be the very first to know and have the opportunity to jump on board, before the launch of my Manifestation Masterclass even GOES LIVE!


And as with the beautiful pieces I source from around the globe and the magical retreats I lead, I know with absolute conviction and certainty, that I will be exactly and precisely with the people I am meant to be with.


 I come to you open-hearted and so ready to SERVE. IT. UP!

In the meantime, to continue the conversation about the process of manifestation, hit the blog and check out the latest posts here.



I can't wait to see you inside! 


BIG love!