10 Profound Signs of Spiritual Awakening

by Jo

Spiritual awakening, to me, is a bit like shedding a skin. 

You become more of who you're meant to be, but in the process, you lose old pieces and parts of who you have always known yourself to be.

That's hard friends.

Really hard.

You suddenly become aware of things you had never given a second thought to before.

You wonder about things, you never really wondered about before.

In fact, in many ways, awakening spiritually, can make life feel more complicated and confusing.

What once left you content - no longer stirs your soul.

What once satisfied you, no longer holds your interest.

What once inspired you, changes and evolves and shifts and moves...

And for a long while, you're left feeling deeply uncomfortable and frankly, quite removed from yourself and your life.

It is an odd place to be.

When you're going through it - you're in survival mode. 

It doesn't feel like any "thriving" is getting done in the midst of a spiritual awakening. 

You often feel stuck. Perplexed. Exasperated with life and yourself, on so many levels.

But take heart friends, those feelings are all signals of the profound shifts happening within you. 

The shedding of old beliefs and ideals. 

The letting go of what you once thought you wanted, needed or desired - as you give birth to a new version of yourself.

The process is always frustrating.

The outcome, once you reach it, is a beautiful one.

So to those who feel they may be going through it, or are in the midst of it, or perhaps have just begun their own spiritual awakening, here are 10 Profound Signs that you might just be, in the thick of it.

You will find that you are no longer interested in pettiness, gossip or judgement of others. 

You will also start instantly removing yourself from situations where you are subjected to negativity or toxicity in any form. You no longer have a tolerance for people who spout negativity or constantly pass judgement of others and you will disengage completely.

Whether it's family, friends, colleagues, neighbours or people you follow on social media.
You will find yourself cleaning up your life, disconnecting and completely limiting any and all interaction with these people.

You will find yourself listening less to what people have to say and instead, paying more attention to the feeling or intentions behind their words and actions.

The most interesting part of this heightened sense of intuition, is that it will come on quite suddenly, but feel very natural to you to lean into that knowingness within yourself and you will trust it, without question.

Suddenly you become a receptor in the Universe and you don't need, require or seek out the opinions of others - but rather, rely entirely on your own intuition to guide you.

You will feel inextricably drawn to and called to be in the great outdoors. 

You will find yourself distracted by Mother Nature in many and varied ways and your preference will be, to be outside.

During my own awakening, I journeyed to the magnificent Blue Mountains in Australia, to perform my own grounding ritual - so strong was the call back to nature and the need to ground myself into the earth after my spiritual awakening.

Your call may not be as extreme as mine was, but you WILL find yourself longing and actively seeking out the great outdoors.

I personally think we feel this insatiable urge, because we are human beings, no matter how ascended we may become spiritually. 

There will be a disquiet raging within you during an awakening, you will feel an urgency to reconnect with the earth, to lay down roots, to ground yourself to this planet. 

It's completely normal and one of the strongest signs I felt whilst I was in the midst of my own awakening.

We are made up of the heavens and the earth my friends....sometimes we travel too far away from that truth - so we seek to connect more organically and fully with the planet once more.

This one might catch you completely off guard. It certainly did with me.

I consider myself and have always considered myself a thoughtful, loving being - to all sentient things.

However, in the midst of my spiritual awakening last year - I felt a sudden and violent aversion to eating animals or animal based products anymore.

I wondered deeply, that if I was truly thoughtful and loving to all things - why on earth was I eating meat? 

Why was I using cows milk? 

Why was I participating in the ongoing slaughter of animals for mass consumption, so blindly and without thought?

Does my body even require meat?

Why do human children drink milk from a cows udder after breast feeding with their own Mother ceases? 

Why do we, as human beings, follow these processes and rituals within the structure of our society so blindly, without questioning them at all?

My process and research was frenzied and deep and was truly disturbing for me, on many levels.

Since June 2019 I have been a plant based eater.

And this is miraculous, considering I followed the keto/low carb life for many years. 

The vast bulk of that way of eating, is MEAT and animal products.

But suddenly, my mind was intellectually questioning everything I had ever been and done.

Physically, my body no longer wanted meat AT ALL. It suddenly seemed repulsive to me.

So I moved, very quietly, to a plant based, whole foods way of eating. 

My own family didn't even notice for months! ha!

It doesn't have to be a political statement, you don't have to scream it from the rooftops or try to convert other people. 

This process was a deeply personal one for me.

One of my life mantra's and goals has always been 

"to tread gently upon the Earth..." 

and only now, do I feel like I'm actually embodying that, as my truth.

You will, in time, find yourself yearning for deeper connections - with people, places and things. 

You will begin to feel things very deeply and want to share of yourself, with others. 

You might find you suddenly yearn for a deeper connection or re-connection with your partner?

Maybe you actively and intentionally seek out friends, colleagues and peers who instantly elevate you and allow you to elevate them?

You will stop and talk to people more often at the store, the park, the beach, or on your morning run. 

You will crave a sense of connection with that woman making your coffee, or the young man serving you.

Small talk becomes tiresome and feels inauthentic. You suddenly WANT to know how people are. Truly are.

You want to offer compliments to others. Smile at strangers. Re-connect with the world in ways you hadn't frequently engaged in before.

And you'll seek out a sense of community. Of like minded, well intentioned people, to share time and energy with. To connect with. To belong to.

You know all those 'what if' questions that form a constant part of your internal dialogue?

What if he leaves me?

What if something happens to them?

What if he had loved me more?

What if I'd had a better childhood?

They fade away and you find yourself less interested in the focus on the 'what if's' and far more interested in the right NOW!

You channel your energy into real time endeavors and pursuits. 

You connect with your life, in this moment, in far more profound and meaningful ways. 

You start to make the little moments count, far more, than you ever have - because there is an innate knowing within you, that understands, that life is fleeting and so incredibly precious.

You focus your energy and effort on the NOW, because you don't want to ever forsake a moment or a memory again.

You begin to look back on personal traumas and tragedies within your own life - as human experiences during your tenure here on Earth, rather than a constant cloud of insurmountable doom.

You realise that your entire life experience can be completely different and forever changed, just based on the level of consciousness you hold. 

We can create any version of life that we so choose. 

We can manifest actively and intentionally, all things we desire and dream of and wish to become.

When we stake claim to our personal power - we can step into our greatness.

Suddenly, nothing is insurmountable. NOTHING.

We know that everything, good or bad, is merely an experience - and no matter what that experience is, it helps us to become more of who we are meant to be, in this lifetime, for this world.

We have a deep and solid understanding that we are all connected.

There is a 'oneness' to the way we move through the world.

To that end, it's not about being 'cheerleader' happy ALL.THE.TIME.

But rather living from a place of compassion and empathy for all beings and finding the gratitude and lessons in all situations and experiences, regardless of how hard, traumatic or upsetting they may be on the surface, in the moment.

In this way, we relinquish old, very human-centric habits, to embody a higher awareness of lifes experiences and our fellow human beings.

When we do this, we suddenly find ourselves inexplicably drawn to seeking out the positives in all of life, ourselves and everyone that crosses our path.

And when we can't find a positive in them, we go deeper and trust, that at some point it existed, we send them love and light, protect our own energy in the process and keep moving forward.

When you have an innate acceptance of life and people and circumstances - we learn to trust, intuitively, that the only thing we can ever control is our response to life and ultimately, the way in which we choose to move through the world.

You will find that you no longer watch as much television and when you do, you choose to watch things that elevate you and bring you joy or to a deeper understanding.

You will find yourself shutting off social media and disengaging more frequently, in pursuit of more stimulating, uplifting content.

You will find yourself craving more alone time. 

And you're comfortably alone.

You relish every moment of it, because you enjoy your own company more than ever before. 

You consume content that stimulates you. 

You read, listen to and watch things that bring you to a state of joyfulness, or lead you to a new way of thinking, or stimulates you on a cerebral level, that brings you to a state of contentment and peace.

For me, it's always books. I consume them ferociously and I have many favourites, old and new.

More importantly, there is a sense of peace about the way you intentionally move through and engage with the world around you.

You are comfortable being alone. And comfortable engaging with the people you choose to engage with. 

You are in complete control of the energy you consume, surround yourself with and give to the world.

There is a deep peace that comes with that level of comfort with self.

You need, want and require less attention in crowds, public situations or around others.

Rather, you are content to watch on, read the energy of the crowd, watch interactions between others and assist and help them with seeing their own beauty and potential, wherever and whenever you can.

There is a yearning and desire to sincerely help others from the place you find yourself in.

This 'being human' gig is tough and we all grow at different rates, for different reasons - some of us take the hardest route to growth, always and always. 

Coasting through life with ease, never seems to be an option!

And so, where we can offer advice, we do.

When we can help another, we will.

However we can assist, we outstretch that hand.

We understand, on a very profound level, that growth is not just about us as individuals, but about us all, as a collective of people.

Whenever we can help others, we want to.

Wherever we can extend compassion or kindness, we actively do it.

However we can assist others in their own journey, we seek to accomplish that.

It comes from a place of giving and knowing inherently, that when we help others, we are always also helping ourselves.


The most interesting thing about awakening and the most beautiful thing by far, is the surrender of our sense of self - we become far less interested in what we can personally gain, or have, or get. 

And far more interested in all that we can GIVE.

Do any of these 10 Signs resonate with you right now? I would love to hear which ones!

As always my friends, 


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