10 Ways to Create Momentum in Your Life!

by Jo

Creating Momentum in your life – means increasing the traction of what moves you forward and decreasing the resistance of all that holds you back!

Sounds easy doesn’t it? Haha

Creating the life we desire, is not always easy. We must overcome limiting beliefs, negative self talk, toxic relationships and our 'lack mindset' around our opinion of SELF.

We have habits and repeated cycles that we must overcome.

Momentum, by it’s very nature, requires a forceful push or shift to get the ball rolling so we can move past the ‘stuff’ and concentrate on creating the life we desire.

Here are 10 tips to generate some epic momentum in your life RIGHT NOW :


If you can’t see your vision of success, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever get there.

What does success look like to you? How do you want to spend your time? How do you define success for yourself right now?

Write your vision down, in a journal or on a whole bunch of post it notes you can pin somewhere in the line of sight. If you respond better to visual queues, create a vision board of sorts that speaks to your feelings of success and the life you desire most and put it somewhere it can be easily accessed and seen by you.

Either way – whether through journaling, jotting down or making a collage of pictures that force you to FEEL your success. This step of acknowledging what success looks like and feels like to you, is important.


Energy drains is anything or anyone who pulls you down to a negative vibration, exhausts you or drains you. Eliminate them!

It’s imperative that you recharge, re-calibrate and re-align!

Things that re-charge your energy, are simply things that make you FEEL good, inspire you and raise your vibrational frequency!

  • -A beautiful sacred space
  • -An activity
  • -A person or a group of people who uplift you
  • -Music/books/programs/podcasts/movement or affirmations – that inspire you.

Ultimately, the key is, to spend more time doing the things and being with the people, who move you to a state of JOY.


It sounds very ‘kitsch’ to “do what you love and love what you do” – but seriously, there’s something to it!

When you are doing something you love, it is never work. It feels good. Life is fluid and there is a beautiful ease to our existence.

Of course, we don’t stay in a static vibrational place, we are just energy and always changing – but I want you to think about the things you love, the things that lead you to JOY.

  • -Want to go to school? Research it, look into it, DO IT!
  • -Want to travel? Save up and book it!
  • -Want to have more friends? Put yourself out there, join a book club, a wine club, a spiritual church, an art group -Whatever it is that resonates with you most! GO!

There are always intentional actions we can take, that will undoubtedly change and alter the trajectory of our lives!

Ultimately the message here is: JUST BEGIN!

Do MORE of the things that bring you joy. Invite more of those experiences into your life. Seek out the opportunities to be a part of a new and greater collective of like-minded people. Read, study, research and listen to things/people and places that elevate you!


Pick a huge, ridiculous, magnificent goal for yourself and your life.

WRITE. IT. DOWN. – along with an action, or sum of actions you can take, toward achieving it.

Here, my friends, is the power of a written goal:A study was conducted among a graduating class at Harvard to see how many had concrete goals around how much money they wanted to make. Only 3% had written their goals down. Ten years later, that 3% were making more than the other 97% combined! Now that is power!

Allow yourself to be POWERFUL!


This is an imperative task and should be a daily one! The biggest critic of your life, will always be your own inner voice – subconsciously programmed by others who imprinted their opinions on you. We all carry that forward into our lives and it translates to ONE thing – F.E.A.R.

Fear of success, change, failure, unworthiness, ridicule, the unknown (I could go on!)

Take the daily step to remove your fears, by asking yourself, out loud, every day “What would I do and who would I be today, if I were not afraid?”


Wooo chile! This is a big one and for so many of us, so challenging. I used to prefer to stick my head in the sand and pretend I wasn’t BROKE!

The truth is, to have a good relationship with money, we must WORK to have a good relationship with money!

Feel me?

Pay those bills! Check your account often. Take note of what’s coming out and what’s going into your account. Express your appreciation for being able to afford to pay the bills, buy the groceries, contribute to charities etc!

And finally, take a look at your miscellaneous spending. SERIOUSLY. There are always ways and means we can cut back and rather, invest our money wisely, to fuel our dreams and work FOR us!


Identify a grouping of people in your life who can help you to move forward! Consider varying ages, genders, backgrounds etc – but choose people you are inspired by, who have been successful in their chosen path and who you know, will cheer for you! Don’t be afraid of the ‘critic’ either. Often, these people are closest to us and offer us a different perspective and provide the most powerful insights.

Call on them together, or individually, to help you move past any roadblocks and keep the momentum moving forward.

  • TIME

So often I hear people crying “I don’t have the time” – it is up to us to MAKE the time. And if it’s for pursuing your dreams and running headlong into your desired life? HELLO!????

Look at the way you use your time each day. Sleeping, eating, social media, work, social events etc – take note of the time you spend on things each week and consider cutting back or trimming off time you spend on some things where you’re not getting any pay off, toward feeding the momentum of your dreams.

That does not mean, you stop being a parent, or stop working, or stop sleeping – what it does mean, is being brutal and focusing on your own forward momentum. Find the ways you can get more time, to do what you love to do?


When we dream grand dreams for ourselves, we cannot fathom or comprehend the opportunities that will eventuate based on our own powerful, forward momentum.

Pay close attention to all cues, opportunities, connections and collaborations that are presented to you during this time. Allow your future to unfold and change in ways, you may never have imagined or envisioned, when you started dreaming bigger.


Creating momentum, all begins with great commitment to your end goal. Let go of the specifics and allow the goal to unfold as it will.

What is meant for us, will never pass us by.

And very often my friends, when we have a big, bold, beautiful dream – the Universe OVER delivers in ways that will blow your mind!

Be committed to at least one of these steps above, to constantly channel and be aware of the forward rush of momentum you are continually creating, towards living the life you desire and deserve!

How we spend our days….is how spend our lives.

We need to make them GREAT ones friends!

Big Love,