2020 Musings and the power of INTENTION

by Jo

2020 is here!

For years, we have felt the steady awakening of millions happening here on earth.

It has been a gradual awakening process, slow paced, small, intentional steps, toward something far greater.

In 2019, as many of you now know, I had the biggest and most profound spiritual awakening of my life.

I have spent over 15 years of my existence, having spiritual experiences, growing on a soul level, manifesting with great success  - and each year, I feel closer to who I always felt, I was meant to become.

The problem always was, I felt as if I was teetering on the brink of a monumental breakthrough and shift....but it never quite came.

The energy was profound, my experiences were intense, I knew I was in alignment with self because life flows effortlessly when you are....and it did.

But I felt the rising of something far greater within me.

It was a slow build and an endless burn.


Until I was faced with gall bladder surgery and that organ subsequently ruptured on the operating table. 

Turning a 40 minute laparoscopic procedure, into a five and a half hour open surgery marathon.

I left hospital with a raging staph infection - which would see my recovery continue on for many months.

A slow healing.

However, this time away from the world, forced me to seek important answers for myself and my body.

I literally spent months researching the energy of our internal organs and which ones store what emotions.

I can safely say, that my spiritual awakening started before surgery...continued afterwards and came to an epic crescendo in the months that followed.

I am going to go deeper into the awakening itself and all the reasons why, at a later date, I won't bore you with the long winded written out version here. Except to say, what I realised was MIND BLOWING.

It completely shifted my world on it's axis.

I didn't know who I was anymore.

I felt raw and vulnerable and intensely fragile.

Spiritual awakenings sound transcendent and wonderful - but let me be honest with you friends, they are MESSY.


You feel completely displaced from your old self, your old life and your old way of being.

So much so, that you're not sure how to move forward in ANY way.

You may feel depressed, lethargic, uninspired, deeply sad and very frightened of what lays ahead.

I felt all of that and so much more!

I literally lost half of 2019 to my spiritual awakening and spiraled into a downward, dark, lonely place.

Who was I now?

How was I meant to move through the world now?

What did it all mean?

How was I to make sense of it all?

Until one day, in October 2019, I sat in my morning meditation and asked, hand on heart "Show me. Show me what I'm meant to do. Show me who I am meant to be. Show me all that I have become."

And let me tell you, those questions were etched in FEAR.

Deep, breathless, melancholy fear.

It has been decades since I was in such darkness, not knowing how to move forward.

I felt utterly paralyzed by my spiritual awakening. Totally confused and STUCK.

Even though intellectually, I knew I wasn't stuck.

Even though, on a cerebral level, I knew I just had to put one foot in front of the other.

Even though on a very human level, I knew...that this too, would eventually pass.

But would it???

It didn't feel like it!

The depression and introspection was CRIPPLING.

And guys, by the time I had this spiritual awakening, I had already done so much self healing. 

I had already had so many spiritual epiphany's.

I had already grown so much on a soul level.

I had already done SO MUCH WORK.

And yet here I was, forced to go deeper. Forced to finally and fully wake up. Forced to self heal in the most painful and profound ways.

And I did.

Eventually, the fog would lift. 

Eventually, after putting one foot in front of the other, I would feel inspiration and creativity seeping back in again.
Eventually, after long months of feeling such despair....I would see the light again and know that my time was RIGHT NOW.

Once I accepted and allowed my awakening the time it needed to move through me, I began to soar.

I began to astral travel.

I began to be shown who I am. Why I am. How I ended up here. Why I was here. What my purpose was and why I chose this lifetime to become a human being.

The shifts and visions had me on the other side of the veil.

My Mother was with me, she had been waiting for this moment!

I felt as if I was no longer human. 

I was something in between. Something 'other'- something not quite here, but not yet 'there'.

It's been a strange time.

But the clarity came in rapid fire.

The visions. The visitations. The connecting with my higher self. The astral travel back to source energy, my soul family and love. Deep, powerful, intense love, like nothing we can ever know here on the earth plane.

And so my spiritual awakening has taken on the energy of transendence.

I have been re-born.


I am connected to source.

My body, mind and soul, finally fully aligned.

I am deeply humbled by this profound and monumental awakening and know now, that my purpose is to be of service.

And it's terrifying.

On a human level. It scares the shit out of me.

But as 2019 drew to a close, there were two things I had to do.

1. Was go LIVE on Instagram and actually connect more fully with my audience.

I was utterly terrified.

But I did it. With two days to spare.

And it was wonderful.

2. The other was to honor my body and self in a way, where I put myself in such a deeply and intensely uncomfortable position and post it across my social media.

I did that on New Years Eve. 

Comfort zone absolutely smashed. 

I hit POST and almost had heart failure! lol (You can see it and read about it here)

But I did it!

And I braced myself for an onslaught of hate.

I braced myself for an onslaught of judgement.

None came.

And for that, I am eternally grateful.

On each occasion, when I did the 2 things 2019 demanded of me, I whispered;


And on each occasion, the Universe rose to meet me, right where I was.

I felt supported. Wrapped in love. Assured, by the fullness of the energy of the Universe and so incredibly thankful.

So as 2019 passed and I thanked it, hand on heart, for it's teachings and awakenings and for literally burning me to the ground, I felt the powerful energy of 2020 seeping into my bones, elevating my spirit and calling on us all, for MORE.

  • I have ZERO goals.
  • I have ZERO plans.
  • I have ZERO expectations for the coming year.

Rather, I have INTENTIONS.

  • I will run my successful and exciting Manifestation Activation Course. LOCKED IN.
  • I will host my fourth Moroccan Retreat with a group of creative, inspiring souls joining me. DONE.
  • And I will GO LIVE more often and share my stories and knowledge and explain my awakening in a fuller way, so that others can benefit from my mess. lol DONE.
  • I will invite in epic discomfort, often and always, because it forces me to grow. DONE.
  • I will lead with love, kindness and compassion. For myself and others. Always and always. DONE.

My intentions are far more powerful than any resolutions, any goals or any plans my human brain could conjure.

You see, when we intend, we are energetically sending out a signal to the Universe that what we want, is already done. We have no expectation of divine intervention. We have no expectation of outcome. We don't obsess over it being delivered to our front door, like a pizza.


We set the intention.

We take inspired action.

And it IS done!

THAT is brave and the Universe rises up to meet brave!

And sometimes, just sometimes, the Universe will reward you with outcomes far greater than you could have anticipated.

The Universe will rise up to meet you in ways that blow your mind.

The Universe becomes the vessel with which YOU conjure all the magic for your own life!

I am welcoming in 2020 from a position of such personal power.

From the perspective of such intense self love, honoring my human body, celebrating my spiritual self and immersing myself in the connectedness and oneness of source energy, where I astral travel and learn more about my human experience and the experience of all those on earth, right now.

We are in a period of profound awakening.

There has been an intense and purposeful energetic shift as we move into 2020.

And friends, I realise this all sounds batshit crazy.

I understand that it sounds woo woo as hell.

And if I hadn't done it and felt it and experienced it for myself, I would think it was NUTS.

But I have and I am. 

And I know the importance of being a soul, having a human experience RIGHT NOW.

We all chose to be here, RIGHT NOW, for this monumental earthly shift.

For the awakening of the collective consciousness.

For the deconstruction of our dense and very arduous 3D experience and for the transition into a 5th dimensional plane.

And suddenly Jo is astral traveling, leaving her body, returning to source, seeing herself in spirit form and falling madly and deeply in love with the human being she is and chose, with great intention to be and become? 


As we transition more fully into our 5th dimensional world, so many more of us will be able to astral travel and return to source.

For so many more, the veil is at its thinnest. 

For me, it is now gone entirely.

I have developed the psychic gift of clairalience, the profound gift of spiritual smell. 

Smells no one else can smell.

I literally, in the midst of my spiritual awakening, thought I was losing my damn mind.

"Can you smell that burning? OMG what is burning??????" - my entire family would look at me like I was insane. 

My husband walking through our house on more than one occasion, even going outside to sniff the air and he would come back to me and shake his head. 

"I must be having a stroke" I thought and laughed.

But the smells persisted. And in fact, grew more intense.

This morning I woke up at 3am to the strongest smell of jasmine wafting over me, cradling me, stirring itself around my entire body. It was the softest, sweetest scent and so beautiful, I found myself sitting up and sniffing the air like a hound dog.

I rubbed my eyes to make sure I was actually awake in my physical body - and the jasmine scent persisted until I got out of bed and sat in the dark, hand on heart and called to the jasmine to show me who they were.

And my Aunt appeared, smiling at me. Saying hello.

My veil between worlds is GONE girl! lol

In the next few days, I will go LIVE on Instagram and talk about my first astral travel - it had me in tears for days. 

I was so upset by what I was told and shown. It effected me deeply, as a soul.

And yet, once I returned to my physical body and my life - I was able to breathe through it and learn from it and move into my mastery because of it, with an urgency and passion I have never felt before.

  • Imagine knowing your purpose?
  • Imagine knowing, with absolute certainty, who you are, why you're here and whether you've lived, so far, the life you intended for yourself?

There is a reckoning upon our physical death, a judgement. 

But it's not by God, or Source, or Universe.

It comes from our own soul energy when we review the human existence we chose for ourselves to have - and get to reflect on the entirety of our lives on earth, to see if we achieved what we set out and intended to achieve.

Mind blowing right? 

And that's just the smallest portion of what I have been shown and what has been shared with me. 

There is SO much more I have to relay, to those who care to understand on a deeper, more meaningful level.

This journey now, has my soul soaring.

I am EXCITED and so driven, to show people their own power! 

To help wake them up! 

To hold their hand so they too, remember who the hell they are!

This is the awakening my friends. 

This is our purpose right now and the energy of 2020 supports us in every way to do so.

My Manifestation Activation Course is just the beginning of claiming and stepping into that power. 
There is so much more yet to come.

And it's my purpose to share it all. Even if I only have 1 attendee. 
Even if I only have one soul watching and absorbing and winning because of it.

Even if I only help one person awaken - small, intentional steps is what it's about.

That being said, we have hundreds of people registered to do the Manifestation Activation Course, so I know there are so many people who are READY to claim their personal power and lead with courage and intention in 2020!

And THAT, all by itself, is a profound reason to celebrate one another!

We are all connected. 

We all belong to one another.

Single threads of the same tapestry, woven together in this lifetime, to endure, to survive, to thrive and to acend.


My hand is outstretched my friends, I'm here to help you as best I can, from the place I now stand and share all that I am and everything I have learnt with you.


Because I have trekked the valleys and moved the mountains and managed to survive the cruelest of human experiences - and I found a way to not only thrive, but to HAVE every single thing I ever desired and far more than I ever thought possible in this lifetime.

I want that for EVERYONE.

For YOU.

Once you start living your life from a position of personal power and innate joy - YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE.

I want every single one of you to KNOW what that majesty feels like too!

Happy New Year my friends! 2020 CAN and WILL be, the greatest year of your life!

I feel it! I can see it! And I believe in YOU with all of my heart!

Choose it!

Claim it!

I am right here, always, cheering you on!

Biggest Love, Always,

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