3 Simple Practices that will change your life in 30 days and beyond!

by Jo

We are such creatures of habit friends.

Not always good habits either.

We fall into a human monotony in this dense existence and we end up calling it a life!

We go on auto-pilot and perform the same rituals and take the same steps each and every day - and call it a life!

Have you ever had the thought "There has to be MORE than this??"

That was actually my breaking point, after my Mother's death.

I can clearly recall, sitting on the balcony of my too-expensive, shoe box apartment, smoking a cigarette, super obese, a struggling single mother and utterly miserable with myself and my life - and I actually looked up at the stars and said out loud with tears streaming down my face "THERE HAS TO BE MORE THAN THIS?????"

A voice never came from the sky to guide me.

An angel never appeared.

Although guys, seriously, I was praying for one! haha

But I went to bed that night, my little girl laying beside me contentedly, her curls clinging to her brow, her lips pursed in sleep, the beautiful, musty, childish smell of her and for a moment, I traded my misery for love.

Deep, all-consuming, overwhelming love.

She had not been planned. I had fled an abusive relationship with one suitcase and my child and come back to Australia to care for my Mother.

It was just she and I, against the world. And late at night, when the earth was still, I would feel so overwhelmed by that thought. It was so much responsibility and I felt so ill equipped. I was unhealed and so broken myself, but I had made it my life's mission, to be the greatest Mother I could possibly be, every single day.

Everything I did, was for my daughter.

And this night, as misery gave way and I drowned in the beauty of this deep, epic love for my child....

I felt no overwhelm.

I felt no sadness that I couldn't provide for her better in a material sense.

I felt no misery, that I was not yet the best woman I could be for her.

I just felt thankful.

So thankful, that this little, beautiful person loved me so much.

So thankful, that just the existence of her, made my heart feel like it might explode.

So thankful, that we had each other. No matter what and forever.

And I smiled as the tears coursed down my cheeks. And eventually I started to sob and laugh at the same time.

In my head, I began to list all the small things I WAS grateful for in this life. Even though so hard, even though I was so challenged, even though life felt so tough - in the end, we still had so much to be so thankful for.

And as a beginning, I had a child who loved me and reached for me and felt safest next to me.

And she had a Mother, who....as broken as she was, as fat as she was, as poor as she was, would move heaven and earth and re-align the moon, just for her.

And I remember resting on the bed, with my hand on my heart and whispering "thank you".

The next thing I said, would change my life...

"One day at a time. Small steps, small changes, one day at a time"

And so it would be begin.

The smallest of steps. The most minute of practices. The gentlest and teeniest of changes, was the beginning of my climb.

To better health.

To weight loss.

To a brighter future.

To self healing.

To confidence.

To love.

To having everything I have ever dreamed of and so much more than I ever felt I deserved!

The very smallest and simplest of steps my friends, that's all it takes!

One foot in front of the other, every day.

When we turn this into a practice, the world begins to shift on its axis and change and alter.

Small, tiny, intentional steps.

Martin Luther King Jnr was so right when he said "We don't need to see the whole staircase, just take the first step in faith"

And I decided, that night, to believe in ME.

And I decided, that night, to love me.

And I decided, that night, even though I wasn't convinced there was a staircase at all, that I would take that first step in faith, FOR MYSELF.

And my entire life changed.

I started 3 practices, at that time, that helped to shift my mindset and alter my life.

Of course I supported these practices with conscious, intentional actions (self healing, gentle exercise, positive self talk, determination, I re-ignited my passions and for the first time, in a really long time, I allowed myself to truly grieve for everything I had lost and everything that had been ripped from me and everything my body, mind and soul was perpetually in mourning of.)

This was my chance to face it all. And gather the many versions of myself to me, who were hurt and injured and wounded and angry and sad and grieving and acknowledge them....and love them. One by one.

But these 3 simple practices, aided in my every step. Gave me the fortitude and strength to continue on.

And still, to this very day, I practice these 3 steps every day of my life. No matter what.

They still serve me so well.

And I hope they will serve you too.

When you wake up, do not reach for your phone. 

Do not do any of the things you have automated yourself to do in your every day life. 

We're breaking that old cycle NOW.

I want you to keep a journal or a diary next to your bed and a pen.

And when you awaken. I want you to lay comfortably and just ask yourself this;

"What is the very greatest version of myself, that I can be today?"

Imagine what the very greatest version of yourself will do today.

How will she react to the world?

How will she move through the world?

How will she speak?

How will she think?

Take note of your internal dialogue and the way you speak to yourself when you're thinking of these things.

Be kind. Be tender with you. 

Treat yourself with immeasurable love and be the very best friend you could ever have.

Smile when you're thinking of all the ways the greatest ideal of yourself will move through the world today.

Smile deeply, each and every time.

Now, once you have conjured all of that in your mind and managed to love and softly smile yourself awake a little, I want you to grab your journal or diary and write 4 intentional thoughts that you want to remain conscious of and stay attuned to throughout your day. No matter what.

4 things you can return to, at any point in your day to ground yourself and remind yourself of your energy in this world and the intention you had at the beginning of your day, of the greatest version of yourself.


  • The greatest version of me is kind and loving to myself today.
  • The greatest version of me, speaks with confidence and is unafraid today.
  • The greatest version of me, smiles more often and says "thank you" more freely today.
  • The greatest version of me, intentionally does good things for my mind, body and soul today.

What we must do, before we ever get out of bed, is begin to train our minds and bodies to feel the emotional connection of what you and your future is going to be like, before it is made manifest.

Even just day by day. The smallest, most meaningful of steps.

So sit in those beautiful feelings of and for your greatest self.

Sit in the excited anticipation of returning to this elevated state throughout your day.

It is, in fact, a morning ritual, in complete celebration of all that you are and all that you can be!

What a perfect way to start every day!

At the end of your day, before you fall asleep (I do this once I have crawled into bed and have done some nighttime reading to make me sleepy) I want you to feel a deep gratitude and appreciation for your life.

No matter how many, or how few things you think you have to be grateful for, I want you to express them in your mind and give thanks for each and every one of them. 

Remember tiny steps? It doesn't matter what they are, but it is important that you feel the deep appreciation and blessings of your life with all of your heart.

Gratitude and appreciation, elevates us to a natural and automatic state of receiving.

And the more we give thanks, the more the Universe gives us to be thankful for!

Place your hand on your heart and give your thanks out loud.


  • Thank you for the belief that I had in myself today, I felt so empowered.
  • Thank you for my awareness of what and who I was intentional about investing my energy in today. And for being open to receiving the positive and loving energy of others.
  • Thank you for the delicious, whole food I was able to fuel my body with today, I am so incredibly proud of my choices.
  • Thank you for all of the abundance that I already have in my life, I know it is my birthright and abundance is limitless and infinite for me. I allow it to flow effortlessly and easily, always and always.

Elevate your vibrational state with gratitude and appreciation for just 5-10 minutes every night. 

Sit in the beautiful feelings that course through your body with each statement of appreciation. 

Repeat each one, multiple times, if you feel you need to. Until you feel your energy elevating and you find yourself in the vibrational space of love.

Place your hand on your heart to activate and open your heart chakra to receive all of that beautiful gratitude and appreciation.

Say, at the end, three times, with your hand on your heart;

"Thank you"

"Thank you"

"Thank you"

When I practice this each night now, by the time I am saying "thank you" three times, I always have tears in my eyes.

My energetic state, so awash and infused with such a powerful sense of love and appreciation, that emanates and radiates from me, in a way, that I can actually feel the essence of myself throbbing out into the world.

It is THE most beautiful practice right before we fall asleep!

These 3 simple, intentional techniques have served me so well, for over a decade now my friends.

And even though I now have everything my heart ever desired and so much more than I ever felt I deserved - I still practice these 3 steps, every single day of my life.

Today, I am confident and powerful and proud of myself.

Today, I do love myself and am most tender with me.

Today, I can return to this place of love and appreciation and elevation, whenever I turn my mind to it, with ease.

And you will too!

With practice.

It's so simple my friends. And so easily done.

It's had such an incredibly profound effect on my life, that I felt (especially at this time of year) that it was so important to share it with you all too.

Commit yourself to just 30 days of treating yourself with the attention, tenderness and conscious love and care that you so deserve and watch all the truly magnificent ways, life rewards you.

You are worthy.

You are valued.

You are loved.

I promise you, these 3 simple steps, done with care and consistency, will begin to shift and alter the very axis of your existence, one small, but mighty step at a time.

I would love to hear your experiences when incorporating these 3 practices, feel free to share a comment below or drop me an email any time.

I LOVE to watch you bloom friends!

Biggest love

Always and always,

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