LOVE in the time of Covid 19 - What You Are Feeling Is GRIEF - Edition 3

by Jo

We find ourselves in a world, right now, where everything is changing and shifting and altering every single day.

Sometimes multiple times a day.

Today, here in Australia, I watched as retailers, massage bars, beauty salons, nail technicians and hair dressers all closed up their shops.

The very small business owners, I have supported tirelessly for many years, packing up their livelihoods and taking all their product home. Leaving boutique storefronts empty and bare and devoid of any semblance of life.

Over 2 million people are expected to be jobless in Australia, because of the shutdowns that have occurred to non-essential services, in just the last two days.

And life, as we once knew it, will never actually return.

That is a certainty.

What is born from these challenging times, is a new sense of 'normal', once balance comes back into play.

And hopefully, a new way of being in the world, for us all.

But in the interim, we feel the breathless anticipation of the unknown acutely.

We feel the panic as mainstream media blasts the infected and death rates out every moment, of every day.

We feel the fear, as during this time of uncertainty, we become more and more isolated from our loved ones and friends and social circles.

The world is closing in on us.

Any semblance of life, as we once knew it, is gone forever.

That uneasiness you feel in your being?

That deep, throbbing loneliness and sadness that is permeating your days and nights?

That's grief my friends.

For we always feel grief over endings.


In many ways, we are experiencing, in real time, the death of the lives we once lived.

Death of commonality and the vast monotony of our previous, every day existence.

Death of our ignorance and innocence too.

What this time, right now, is doing - is revealing to us, exactly and precisely who we are.

I have always been a massive advocate of doing the 'inner work' - there are no short cuts to spiritual ascension.

There are no short cuts to greatness.

It is the hardest, yet most gratifying journey into self, you will ever take.

But it's messy and difficult and uncomfortable and confronting.

And many of us never willingly begin that journey.

Maybe it's too painful? 

Maybe it's too uncomfortable? 

Maybe we feel like we're going backwards, when all we want to actually do, is move forward?

But to create real and genuine forward momentum, we must know, appreciate and understand where we have come from.

We must own and be accountable for all we have been responsible for in our own lives.

The magnificent and the awful.

The darkness and all of the light.

It is all a part of what makes up the wholeness of who we are. 

And we cannot simply claim the good and ignore the rest.

Because it's the 'rest' - that actually truly shows us who we are for the world.

I have said before, many times, that greatness is not born out of success, or wealth, or ease.

Greatness doesn't magically just arrive, when you're in full alignment and life is joyful and flowing effortlessly.


Greatness - the greatest, most magnificent accents of everything that you are, is derived and conjured and born, from the very adversities that you have endured. 

From the pain that you have lived with. 

From the fear that you have survived amidst. 

From the grief that you carry forward, each and every day.

True greatness, is the totality of your every life experience, good and bad. 

The good, shows you, in real time; that you are a light filled, spark of the divine - at one with the wholeness and vastness of the Universe itself.

And the darkness that shows you the truth of your humanity.

Your jealousy. 

Your judgement. 

Your fear. 

Your greed. 

Your insecurities. 

Your anger. 

Your spite. 

Your lies. 

Your cheating. 

Your mistakes. 

Your hatefulness. 

Your badness.

All the things that keep you afraid and small and stop you from stepping into your highest potential in this lifetime.

So we must claim them. 

ALL of them.

And this time in the history of humanity, is forcing us to do, precisely that.

This isolation and time of quarantine, is an opportunity, for us all to finally and willingly DO. THE. WORK.

Because love and prosperity and greatness and abundance and wellness and the highest, grandest, greatest version of you - vibrates from the resonance of totality. Oneness. Wholeness.

If you think, for a moment, about this human life we get to live and everything we have experienced here - we know that it is our journey here to rise and keep on rising.

Our souls ascension, is all that we're here for.

And to ascend, we must blanket everything we do, everything we know, everything we achieve, everything we experience - with the grandest gestures of LOVE.

How many of us go through our lives hating ourselves? 

Judging ourselves? 

Condemning ourselves? 

Never forgiving ourselves?

All of us!

At some point, or another.

So see these moments that lay ahead of us, as a magnificent opportunity to DO THE WORK.

Finally and properly and completely.

  • Who am I for the world?
  • What do I love?
  • What do I want?
  • Who do I want to become?
  • What's most important to me?
  • Who is most important to me?
  • What do I love about myself, right now?
  • What qualities do I want to integrate into my life experience?
  • What do I want to change?
  • What CAN I change?
  • What are the small steps I can take, to effect immediate change in my life?
  • What brings me joy?
  • What am I grateful for?
  • What sort of relationships with others do I want to cultivate?
  • What are all the things I need to move to forgive myself for?
  • What is making me sad?
  • What am I anxious about?
  • How does it make me feel to dwell on all the things I don't have the power to change?
  • How does it make me feel when I sit in the resonance of the things I CAN change?
  • What experiences do I want to manifest in my life?
  • What are my hearts desires? My dreams?
  • What is it that I am actually good at, that I know of?
  • What makes me feel alive?
  • Who makes me feel drained?
  • Who makes me feel joyful?
  • Where am I happiest?
  • Who IS the man/woman I want to become? Characteristics? Traits? Behaviours? Appearance?
  • What is the ultimate dream? The big one?
  • Do I believe I am worthy?
  • Do I believe I am good enough?
  • Do I believe I am powerful enough to create the life I desire most?

Those are just some questions you can ponder. 

Write them down. 

Spend time answering them, truthfully.

Get honest and raw with yourself.

And give them the time, energy and attention they deserve.

Because if we don't know who we are, what we are, or where we want to go - how are we meant to create our lives?

All of this to say, just because we're locked in and isolated - does not equate to being devoid of meaningful productivity my friends.

When we carve out a beautiful way forward for ourselves, when we lead with love, when we create a foundation of self healing and forgiveness. When we truly sit in the resonance of love, for self...the magic begins to build so beautifully...

And I want you to prepare for the magic. 

I want you all to sit in the excited anticipation of all that's yet to come.

So that from this darkness, from the grief of all that's unraveling and ending, in the midst of the chaos and calamity of that - we can see more clearly, a way forward for ourselves.

It's ok to feel panicked and depressed and troubled and sad.

It's a totally normal response, during such a powerful time of challenge and change.

But you must make it your priority and your privilege to RISE during this time. 

Into the fullness and vastness and richness of ALL that you are.

And ALL that you came here to be.

Life will be changed and altered forever - but it hasn't ended my friends.

Something so powerful is happening on our planet. 

Something so profound is unfolding.

And that all feels completely overwhelming for most of us.

But know this:

Your work - on yourself, for yourself - is THE single most important thing you can do RIGHT NOW.

Clear away the panicked cobwebs of your mind.

Breathe deeply and purposefully. 

Expanding your lungs to capacity - three times.

Concentrate on the beautiful cadence of your breath.

Close your eyes and smile as you breathe deeply and feel your love unfurling through your body, moving through you - and as you exhale, imagine that you're sending your love out into a World, that so desperately needs YOU.

THIS is the time you need to be whole.

THIS is the moment you need to be vibrating from the place of your highest potential.

THIS is the very tipping point in our history you came here for! 

And you have endured and survived everything, to be in THIS MOMENT.

Grief never leaves us - but all things we feel, are energetic, conjured by human experience.

Be aware of your thoughts. 

Be mindful of your feelings.

Acknowledge the grief. 

Claim it. Sit with it. And own it.

It's ok to mourn all that is lost.

It's ok to feel a sense of sadness, for everything that has changed.

But be aware too, of all the possibilities that lay before us.

Be mindful of the simpler, more profound ways we are connecting to one another.

Be conscious of the space in between the chaos and madness - where the Universe is allowing you the time you need, to grow and bloom and transcend everything that's currently happening.

Most of all, sit in the excited anticipation, of the magnificent potential of your own life. 


And all that you are creating it to be.

Grief can be transformed and transmuted, in the most magnificent and positive of ways.

I have done it, my entire life.

And you can too my friends.

It must be an intentional and conscious decision to do so.

NOW is that time.

Life will never return to the kind of 'normalcy' we once knew. 

But it CAN be greater my friends.

WE too, can all be far greater.

Remember to take care of yourself. 

Be kind to yourself.

Lead always, with love.

Pour into yourself - the time, energy and effort, you have always deserved.

Forgive yourself.

The world will be waiting for you and I want you to be ready!

Every day, in every way - I am cheering for each and every one of you.

Close your eyes and feel my golden light rushing into you.

I have been sending it out, in rippled waves, every single day.

Take a breath, close your eyes and take some my friends!

Use it, manipulate it along the pathways of your body, send it from your head to your toes.

Let it linger around the chambers of your heart and expand through your chest wall, until you feel your body tingling and vibrating and humming with the resonance of love.

Then transmute it and allow it to mingle with your own powerful, profound and beautiful light...

Allow the vibrations to compound in your core, until your chest is swollen with the magnificent ache of it...

And then, as you exhale, unleash your glowing light slowly, into the world that so desperately needs every one of us.

LOVE is the vaccine my friends.

Biggest, brightest love,