Manifestation Hot Tip : ME FIRST!

by Jo

We’ve spoken about manifestation a lot here on the blog recently. It is something that is a constant practice in my personal and business life and very much a part of my existence on this planet.

But today, what I want to talk about is YOU.

There is a real art to manifestation. It IS simple in concept and yet not so simple in execution.

And that's our fault, we are dynamic, complicated, complex creatures!

Here’s the rub: 

Manifestation is always about YOU.

So you know what you want. What you long for.

But more than that, it’s about becoming an energetic match for what it is you desire most.

I hear so many of my clients moaning about “the one”.

Where is he?

Why hasn’t he come along yet?

What am I doing wrong?

I’ve waited forever!

Yes, you may have. But lets be real for a hot second. The Universe is not like the local deli, where you take a number and wait your turn.

Everything you could ever desire, already exists. It is all already waiting for you!

The only thing holding up the process, is YOU.

Take a breath and read that again.

The ONLY thing holding up the process of you getting what you want is YOU.

My clients and friends are always very annoyed when I say that. lol

But it IS the truth.

WE must become an energetic match for all we desire.

So if we want a man who is :

  • Financially stable
  • Attractive
  • Kind
  • Compassionate
  • Successful
  • Funny
  • Considerate

Well then, we must BECOME the match for that man. Are YOU financially stable? Funny? Successful? Kind? Are you?

So you see, we come to the real issues of manifestation and those real issues always centre around SELF.

We have much mindset work to do. 

We must grow and evolve and change and BECOME exactly and precisely who we’re meant to be for the world.

And we must BE that person.

Not “imagine” that we are that person. Or pretend to be that person.

We must BE

Fully, completely and authentically, exactly and precisely who we are meant to become.

So there is our problem.

When we’re coming from the NOW – it is often hard to imagine how we become the energetic match for the partner/career/business/life we desire.

But this my friends, is our only real job. 

  • To align ourselves fully
  • To accept ourselves fully
  • To forgive ourselves completely
  • To love ourselves without question.

All manifestation begins and ends with love of SELF.

I am the Universe and the Universe is me.


So we’re not holding a number, waiting for our turn. We are not merely bystanders to the magic we wish to unfold in our lives.

We are the Captains!

We are the source!

We are already the all-powerful, all-knowing higher consciousness we must evolve into.

That man or woman who is successful and powerful and in love and happy and traveling and having children and living his or her dream life – already exists.

We just need to step into that version of ourselves.

And to do that, we must unravel a lifetime of old stories and beliefs. 

To do that, we must let go of what we anticipated or expected life to be and embrace what IS.

Even if you’re in the shittiest place emotionally and mentally right now, YOU have the power to change your experience RIGHT NOW.

If you’re in a good place and feeling the call of something far bigger – then that is the Universe urging you to charge forward, get uncomfortable, grow, make mistakes, take a risk, LIVE!

We never fail friends. We LEARN. Always.

And where does learning get us? Evolving.

And where does evolving take us? Closer to who we are meant to become.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

There is nothing truly bad that comes of not winning either.

In fact, we already know, as human beings, that the things that truly change us and alter our lives, are often the biggest traumas and what seem like the worst situations imaginable.

That is no coincidence friends.

When we’re knocked down – we either stay down, or get up swinging.


Life is not about compromise and settling. You should never be left wondering “what if” and “if only”.

No way! 

That is not the big, bold life we promised ourselves! 

That is not stepping into the greatness that lies in wait for us. 

That is not using our powerful truths to illuminate the world!

Be prepared to fail and fall. 

Welcome it. 

Embrace it.

And find your way through it to appreciate the lesson - and then let it GROW you.

I can say, with great certainty, that it’s when you happen across a big challenge or trauma and you think to yourself “What is this trying to teach me? How is this trying to grow me?”- that you KNOW you’re ascending and awake.

You’ve evolved past the “Why me’s” and moved into the “How can I be better” phase.

Personal growth is what this life of ours is all about.

When you are stable and happy, confident and content, self assured and you love yourself – YOU will automatically and very easily, attract people and circumstances that reflect that back to you, in your life.

Like attracts like.

As you think, so you become.

The work of SELF all starts in the mind my friends.

Do some mirror work today.

Go on, I dare you. Do it every day!

  • Look yourself in the eyes and promise to be your own best friend. 
  • Promise to show up for yourself. 
  • Promise to forgive yourself. 
  • Promise to be far more tender and more gentle with yourself. 
  • And you speak all the beautiful traits you have, out loud, looking yourself in the eye.

When you’re done, grab a piece of paper, or a journal – I want you to write down all of the things about yourself that you love.

From the freckle next to your nose, to the way you laugh, to the way you love people.

Write a list of your best merits. 

Celebrate yourself in a way you never have before. 

Recognise the beauty and powerful bounty, you yourself have to offer to this world.

Take deep breaths. Hand on heart.

“I am whole and complete, exactly as I am. I am powerful beyond measure and I call in all the abundance, prosperity and joy that is meant for me and my big, beautiful life.

I am deserving, I am worthy, I am so incredibly loved.

I savour my life.

I let the joys drip from my lips, as if I’ve devoured the very nectar of existence and I learn and grow through each and every challenge.

I am here on this earth, to make a big impact, to live boldly, to be heard and seen, for who and what I am. 

I step fully into my highest, most powerful self and offer everything that I am to the Universe right now. 

I am grateful for every version of myself there has ever been. They have all bought me to become who I am, RIGHT NOW. And I love who I am.

I am Universal energy, in ecstatic, magnificent motion, welcoming in abundance, joy and my every wildest dream. And so it is. The Universe always looks after me.”

Everything beautiful, everything meaningful, everything powerful – begins…and ends, with you my friends.