The ONE WORD you need to know TODAY to change your life!

by Jo

The one word you need to know TODAY, to change your life.

Friends, we hear and keep hearing how GRATITUDE is the life altering feeling we must all feel.

And please know, gratitude is so important. It elevates your energetic state, it has you focused on feeling goodness etc etc

Do you feel I rushed that sentence? Haha

I did!

Here’s my problem with gratitude.

It does NOT put me in a state of joy.

It just doesn’t.

Of course I’m grateful for so much. Of course I am. I say it a million times a day, out loud every single day.

“I’m so grateful”

“My gratitude is immense”

And I feel it through to my bones.


But it doesn’t move me to a state of joy.


I feel a tenderness when I express my gratitude. I feel a softness fall over my spirit.

But it’s a gentle whisper.

Not an emphatic throb.

And I want to FEEL DEEPLY friends.

I want to intentionally and actively DO things that lead me to FEEL.

Spark joy. Start the real unfurling of happiness. Set the momentum toward joy – always.

And “gratitude” just doesn’t cut it.

Every new age publication, anything written about law of attraction or even manifestation – holds “gratitude” at such an esteemed level – as if when you feel it, your world will be altered.

Not true.


And I’ve thought long and hard about gratitude and it is important – but it’s not the life altering feeling people claim it to be. It sets you to a soft, introspective vibration.

And therein lies the problem!

We experience a sense of gratitude for what has occurred. For life that has been lived. For experiences and things that have already happened.

When we think of “gratitude” – we’re thinking back and going back and continually re-living, re-telling and re-experiencing old stories.

Sure it’s so lovely to express gratitude for where you currently are. But the notion of gratitude is that we surmounted some incredible terrain to get to where we are. Or become who we have become.

Do you see?

We must go back, to feel the energy of gratitude.

And that has never sat incredibly comfortably in my spirit.

I don’t like to go back. And sure, it’s ok and often necessary to remind ourselves of what we have survived and endured to get to where we are. But to live in the past, to re-visit the past, is opening a pandora's box of historical experiences.


And THAT is the problem.

One moment of gratitude, can spiral into many moments, of all the memories that inspired a transition or ascension for you – and suddenly you don’t feel so gracious anymore and you’re re-experiencing old stories and HELLO old belief patterns and HOW DO YOU DO, old me!

And there we are, back to the beginning.

Now, one who is well versed in “gratitude” certainly knows how to get out of the momentary energetic funk. But why do we constantly do this to ourselves?

Because everywhere we look, everything and everyone is telling us to be GRATEFUL.



No, no it won’t!

If we think about our existence from a human perspective, we experience a PAST, a PRESENT and a FUTURE.

So much of our energy is focused on the past, or the future – that we often, entirely miss the every day miracles and beauty of the present moment.


And the NOW, is all that truly exists friends.

  • Right now is where our power is!
  • Right now your physical manifestations are in front of your very eyes.
  • Right now you are energetically aligned to what you’re seeing in your physical reality.
  • Right now, you are experiencing the results of your energetic vibration with the Universe.
  • Right now, every human being around you is actively interacting with the energy you’re omitting.

Don’t miss the miracles friends!

They are happening RIGHT NOW.

So the word that WILL truly alter your life is…

Appreciation is NOW.

Appreciation is happening moment to moment. Say THANK YOU! In real time.

Feel the appreciation for experiences and people, as they’re with us.

TELL others that you appreciate them! This one is powerful and you’ll instantly see your own magic at work in the NOW.

Right now as I write this, I took my coffee cup back to the kitchen and my husband grabbed it from me as he was already at the sink “Thanks love. I really appreciate you washing that up for me. You’re such a good human”

His face LIT UP.


No joke friends.

Appreciation is POWERFFUL.

And don’t forget to appreciate YOURSELF.

Right now, moment to moment.

Positive self talk is a mindset thing – learn to speak to yourself out loud – when you figure something out “Great job Jo you bloody superstar! You did it!”

And let me tell you this – when you speak to yourself, with the same positivity and joy that you hold in storage for those you love most, you will start to alter the very fabric of your own existence.

When we live in a state of constant appreciation in the NOW – we set life up for small miracles to continuously unfold around us.

Try it.

If someone moves aside to let you past say THANK YOU SO MUCH.

If someone lets you in traffic, wave and mouth THANK YOU with a smile.

When you order your coffee, take a sip and say THANK YOU SO MUCH, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED.

When your husband, wife or partner, does something to help you say THANK YOU HONEY, I SO APPRECIATE YOUR HELP.

When your children help you out or pick up after themselves say OH MY GOODNESS! THANK YOU FOR HELPING! LOOK WHAT A GREAT JOB YOU DID? THANK YOU!

And watch your world change friends.


Take note of it all!

Your energy will be vibrating off the charts.

Those around you will be energetically aligned with your sense of appreciation and joy.

And then cast your powerful net wider, take appreciation out with you. Engage strangers and offer appreciation to those you interact with every single day and watch the joy you bring to their lives – which will in turn, elevate your own energetic vibration OFF THE RICHTER SCALE!

Do you see how this works?

Appreciation is RIGHT NOW. In this moment!

And it feels so much better to me than gratitude.

Appreciation is moment by moment, day by day, in our present existence and we can call it in, in an instant! 

We can alter life’s energy and our own, in an instant! 

We can elevate those around us, in an instant! Right now!

Do you see how powerful this process is?

How powerful and aligned and joyful YOU will be once you practice this on a daily basis?

Oh my friends, allow appreciation to be your touchstone.

It has changed my world.

And the world of those I love.

Appreciation is also infectious.

My 3 year old says “THANK YOU MAMA THAT’S SO GOOD!”


And it is heart melting. And soul elevating and so uplifting!

My children have an understanding of appreciation RIGHT NOW.

In every moment.

And you can turn any event, any challenge and any issue into one of appreciation, in an instant.

It’s all about re-wiring your mindset and de-faulting it to APPRECIATION.

Make it your home browser my friends!

Now, I want you to go on an appreciation spree today!

Do it.

Do it purposefully, intentionally and deliberately.

Appreciate in the NOW.

Make it your mission throughout your day to speak appreciation into your energetic existence and to all those who you encounter today.

Be sincere in the moment. Express your appreciation immediately. And see the way your day unfolds when you adopt this approach.

And let me tell you this friends– even if you’re in the worst mood, even if life feels as shitty as it can be – even if you feel sad and down and lonely.

GET OUT, GET UP and go on an appreciation journey! NOW!

I want you to report back here and tell me:

  • The impact it had on your day?
  • The impact it had on you?

That’s what I want to know friends. Please share it below with me?

I am dying to hear the many ways you acknowledged and celebrated APPRECIATION today and the way it instantly elevated your energetic state!

And I promise you, it does and it will.

It’s something I practice every single day and as I’m human, sometimes I forget, sometimes I get overwhelmed, sometimes I’m stressed out and disappointed and sad – and in THOSE moments, I intentionally and very deliberately start the cycle of speaking appreciation into existence – and in an instant, the world changes.

Always for the better.


And suddenly we feel the beautiful throb of joy emanating from our spirit.

And suddenly we feel the tenderness of alignment shifting our soul back into place.

And suddenly those around us are feeling joyous and aligned too.

And suddenly – and very deliberately – APPRECIATION has altered our entire world.

And it will continue to.

Every time you open your home browser my friends!

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APPRECIATION and intentionally practicing it daily, until it becomes my default setting, has very literally changed my life.

And I know it will change yours too!

Tell me all about it friends! I can’t wait to hear your experiences!

I appreciate YOU! Thank you for being here.

Biggest love,