Urban Bohemia

by Jo

So it's been a while since I've written my blog.

So this is me, starting over!

Today, there is a big swing towards urban bohemia. Simply meaning, that those of us modern day, suburban and inner city dwellers are perhaps leaning more towards the unique? The one-of-a-kind? The vintage? The eclectic? The time weary, loved and worn. The ethnic, the tribal, the utterly, utterly beautiful!

And so we find ourselves in a place where it's getting harder to grab the 'bargain's' of yesterday (A) because sellers have become savvy to what's sought after. And (B) because everyone is clambering for similar things! It's enough to make me weep!


There are indeed still bargains to be had. The off-beat pieces, the strangely beautiful. We've seen a massive uprising recently in the upcycling and refurbishment of furniture pieces in the home, which has given way to many making a career out of upcycling! Hoorah!

BUT.....the pieces aren't cheap, like anything hand crafted and made, you're paying a pretty premium for someones labor and effort and craftsmanship and....time.

So, many men and women, find themselves 'hacking' mainstream furniture to re-vamp the look. Or upcycling old and/or vintage pieces themselves. Which is bloody marvelous in my humble opinion. You get the exact piece you want, in your home! Wallah!

We're also witnessing the resurgence of the kilim (kilim, kelim, Anatolian kilim) they have, of course, been around since the dawn of time and they have indeed always been beautiful, but with the uprising of this urban bohemia movement, we see a newfound love for the kilim. Rugs, cushions, throws, floor pillows...if you don't have a kilim 'something' in your life, you are seriously missing out!

As with the kilim, we see a beautiful resurgence in the Suzani - stunning embroidered blankets, historically from Turkey/Uzbekistan. Hand woven, crafted and designed by artisans that are generationally gifted! Their stunning medallions often lending themselves to look very much like mandalas - so we find our spiritual centre with these Suzani's (well, I certainly do!) they are joyful and colourful and heart achingly beautiful. And much like the kilim, we see an upswing in their demand. People seeking a unique piece, something different, something one-of-a-kind, something 'special'.

So, for all of these heavily pursued pieces in the modern urban bohemia landscape...we see a rise in their pricing. Like anything, the less of something there is available and the higher the demand becomes for that item, and that, in turn, drives the pricing upwards.

My advice? Grab these things NOW.

There is no better time, than right now. This moment. When you see something you love, grab it! Hold onto it! And love it.

With people like the beautiful Justina Blakeney (author of The New Bohemians) blazing the way for this new landscape of bohemian inspired homes and spaces, we have a greater number of people than ever before clambering for a piece of the unique, the beautiful, the sublime, the vintage and the outrageously and gloriously colourful.

And thank goodness really.

When I gaze upon my spaces, they elevate my soul. They make my heart soar and sing and they just 'feel' HAPPY.

A mix and mash of woods and cane and grains and colour and fauna and texture and layers of love!

And that may very well be 'why' we see this aggressive revival and remodel of urban bohemia....the constant and never ending pursuit of that sense and feeling of 'happiness'?

It's addictive.

It's beautiful.

And to surround yourself with that?

To have it alive and flourishing and existing within your own home?

Oh yes please!

Just add plants!

On that note, I have indeed become the female (and better looking) version of Australia's magnificent Don Burke!

Fauna is my jam and my home is filled to overflowing with it!

Stay tuned!

Next blog post, we're talking ALLLL about introducing greenery to your spaces! (or, if you're anything like me...living in a home that has also literally, become a jungle!)


Jo x