FULL COLD MOON Energy Healing, Clearing & Activation - DECEMBER 2021




Saturday 18th Dec - Power Activation

Sunday 19th Dec - Prosperity Activation

Monday 20th Dec - Alignment Activation


These are emailed group sessions. 

You do not have to do anything as I am doing them, just go about your life as you normally would.


I will work on the group as a collective and then energetically go through each person that has registered.


When I have finished, you will receive an email stating that it is done and anything that came through from Source during this energy healing and clearing.


Power Activation: Utilising the energy surge of the previous Harvest Full Moon in September, where there was an influx of great personal power, alignment and abundance - we now move into the Hunter Full Moon energy, which is gentler - a time of self reflection, internal work and the amplification of gifts! Its a beautiful time to harness this new, tender energy.

I will connect and clear the energy of each person within the collective, clear out and align each chakra and active them for power, so we can each become a conduit for source energy as we step into our greatness.


Prosperity Activation: During this session, I will be doing a Prosperity Activation. A deep energetic activation in each persons financial flow and activating the flow of effortless abundance and prosperity into every facet of your life experience. I will first work on the collective group and move through each person, clearing, healing and activating their energetic flow, to manifest abundance and prosperity into your physical experience.


Alignment Activation: During this session, I will be connecting to the collective and then each individual to release anything currently blocking or inhibiting you from embodying your purpose.

I will open, activate, clear and align all chakras for every person, to allow the frequency of success and aligned, serendipitous opportunities to flow into your energetic life experience.


Cost : $60 each session


$150 bundled for all three sessions.


Full Moons are always an amazing time to manifest all that you desire into your life experience.

More importantly, the energy of the beautiful Hunter Moon is centered around SELF (Internal work, reflection, alignment, amplification of personal abundance and prosperity!)

It's a beautiful, gentle, effortless energy, where we get to connect through Source and harness this into the sphere of our physical life experience.


Join me here!