11 Steps to Power Manifesting

by Jo

If you're a manifestor in complete flow, then you’re always in a state of consistent elevation in your reality. 

Irrespective of what shows up or comes your way. 

This is a position of power, and leaves you feeling a magnificent sense of calm and inner peace regardless of life's challenges and detours. You are in a constant state of elevation and have an unwavering belief, that (a) your are powerful beyond measure and (b) the Universe is always working toward your highest good, to deliver all you could ever dream of. 

When things don't go to plan, or you're thrown a curve ball - your first thought is "What is this teaching me?" and "How can I learn and grow from this?".

If, however, you’re a person that manifests from a position of default, which many of us do - then you become heavily influenced by your ever fluctuating emotional state. You live from a position of reaction, when it comes to life and your life experiences. Your ability to manifest will be hit and miss and you will wonder what you're missing, to be able to manifest from a place of consistency and belief.

Knowing and BEING a conscious co-creator is so important, because when you’re actively taking charge of your reality - you understand, that you are indeed the master of your fate and your life. Anything can happen to you and you have all of the tools you need in your repertoire to not only be OK - but to RISE, no matter what the Universe throws at you.

Here are the 11 Things Power Manifestors Do & Are and all the ways you can adopt and transition into these behaviors to create the most magnificent life, by your own design.


Power manifestors, understand that they are co-creators of their own existence and work with the energetic force of the Universe to draw into their physical existence, what already exists for them on the energetic plain. They have a deep sense of knowing and belief and complete ownership of their own power.


Powerful manifestors BELIEVE. The more fantastical, the better! You have to have BIG dreams in life and the bigger you dream, the more open you are to inviting magic and miracles into your existence. When you anticipate miracles, more miracles will flow into your vibrational experience. You are just energy after all and successful manifestors understand this.


A power manifestor knows how to surrender and let go. This involves trust, in YOURSELF. When you manifest or desire something and you release it to the Universe with a sense of knowing that its on it’s way to you – you set off a series of energetic currents. You trust. You believe. You know. And it’s already yours. You release the need to control the outcome or the ‘how’, ‘why’, ‘where’ or ‘when’ and you simply give over to the Universe to let it do it’s thing.


Power manifestors understand that the energy they put out into the world, or move through the world with – will be mirrored back to them. So they are constantly conscious and aware of the energy they’re investing in life and unleashing on the world. 

When you are conscious of the greatness and endless possibilities of your own power and the way it can effect others, you will be careful in the way you construct and design how you show up for the world. With grace, positivity, passion and focus on growth, love and ascension? YES! 

5. ASK

Power manifestors always ask for what they want. At the end of your intention practice asking for, “this, or something greater/better” is a powerful way to give the Universe space to create magic for you!

Remember, that the Universe is always working toward your highest good. When we ask for something, or better than that something – it leaves some room for the Universe to lay the deck heavily in your favour! I have experienced this many times in my own life. The Universe always over-delivers abundantly when you leave room for it do so.

Practice this yourself today:  

“Universe, I want ________, I know, experience and trust that you always over deliver and you’re always working toward my highest good. I desire this or something greater in my physical experience. And so it is”


Powerful manifestors know that words hold weight here in the earthly realm. They carry emotional attachment and energetic meaning, so we are careful not to use words that are too forceful or absolute. 

“hate” is a good example. 

Be as mindful with your words, as you are of your actions. Words can wound, just as much as actions can. Often, more! And usually, yourself! 

Be present. 

Stay aware and be mindful of the way you’re speaking to others, the Universe and most importantly, yourself.


Powerful manifestors practice the art of appreciation or gratitude at various intervals, every single day. 

This basic practice, once it becomes a habit – forces us into a higher energetic frequency. We feel a sense of love and joy when we remind ourselves to remain in a state of appreciation and gratitude.It is THE best place to manifest from and a beautiful way to stay in alignment with your higher self.


Power manifestors LOVE money! They have a good, healthy and loving relationship with money. You need to make money your best friend

When you care for money, it cares for you! We set up an energetic frequency, where the more we love it, look after it and tend to it – the more it flows into our lives.

Affirmation :

“I love money and money loves me! I am a magnet for wealth, prosperity and absolute abundance. It flows into my life easily and effortlessly, in expected and unexpected ways, every single day. And so it is.”


Powerful manifestors are intentional about their intentions! 

It takes time, energy and effort to get specific about your intentions for your life. If you’re anything like me, some things will be VERY specific, others, not so much. And that’s ok!

Get specific about the things you KNOW you want. Take the time to journal and set tangible intentions with the Universe. I call this my “commune with the Universe” time. 

I’m very precise about having a discussion about my intentions with the Universe. I have a conversation, rather than journaling. But journaling is an excellent way of doing it too (and perhaps a little less crazy! ha!) 

Regardless of how it’s done, set the time aside and be as specific and as playful as you can be with the Universe when setting intentions. It’s not about control, it’s about complete surrender. When you trust and have an inherent belief and knowing that all you desire is already on it’s way to you – it is actually incredible to watch what the Universe delivers and how quickly you are able to manifest anything.


Powerful manifestors set intentional affirmations that are subconscious cues for them all throughout their days. 

We spoke previously about the power of words, the weight we place on them, the power they have for us, consciously and subconsciously. There is no doubt that words and language are powerful tools in your manifesting artillery. 

We spend forever undoing all of our own negative self-talk. Dismantling limiting beliefs and stopping the soundtrack to the constant replay of traumatic talk that we hold onto and believe about ourselves. This alone, should be enough to convince you that affirmations and the language we use to speak to ourselves is one of the most IMPORTANT things we can do for ourselves. Choose affirming language, create positive and powerful affirmations for yourself and USE them.The key is consistency. Daily practice is imperative.


"I am the creator of my own existence. I have all I need and all I will ever need, to design the big, bold, beautiful life I desire most. Everything I can dream of for myself, already exists for me. I am powerful beyond measure, worthy, whole and loved - and I pour this energy back into the world with great intention and inspired action. I am determined to live a magnificent life of prosperity, abundance and joy. It is all on its way to me, every moment of every day. I exist, knowing that it is already mine".


Powerful manifestors understand that our human construct of time holds no relevance in the energetic realm. The concept of time doesn’t even exist. All you desire, all you dream of, all you are – already exists. Everything you could possibly think of, to manifest for yourself, is already in existence for you. All we’re trying to do is to become an energetic match for all that we desire most – to draw it into our physical reality.

There is no time limit on manifestations, the Universe will bring all that you desire to you, when you become a match for everything you are seeking.

Powerful manifestors understand also, that what we desire most, can be instant. The learning comes in the surrender and trust in the process. But what we are really trusting in, is ourselves.

We are active and intentional co-creators of our own existence. When we work with the flow of energetic life force to become a match for all that we desire – we can physically experience and have all we have ever dreamed of.


“I am a powerful manifestor and the creator of my own human experience. I know everything I can conjure in my mind, already exists for me in my physical world and is on its way to me. I know my only job is to step into the powerful version of my own greatness and become an energetic match for all that I desire. My only mission is to evolve, to bloom, to elevate my standards, anticipate my own great success and raise my energetic vibration as often as I can, each and every day. There are no time constraints to what I desire most, time is nothingness and the Universe is already delivering all I have ever asked for. I am loved, I am worthy, I am an active and intentional participant in my ascension to a bigger, bolder and far more beautiful life! It’s on its way! The Universe always looks after me.”

It is these tools, practices and processes, that have literally changed my entire life.

Remember it takes 66 days to form a habit. For some people, it will be done sooner - for others, it can take up to 186 days.

So by the virtue of the development of a habit, it stands to reason, that THE most powerful and important thing you can do for yourself is commit to the daily practice!

No matter what.

Once you commit to daily practices and processes, in ways that feel most comfortable for you and honor who you are - then you simply rely on the consistency to build your momentum.

Consistency, is the key that unlocks greatness my friends.

It's as simple as that.

My daily practices?

  • Meditation - twice a day (morning and night)

  • Intentions: My commune with the Universe - daily, usually in the middle of the day or right at the start of the day, before the sun comes up.

  • Affirmations - every day at every moment I think of them. It's astounding, once you begin, how much you find to be in a state of appreciation for! It becomes a literal avalanche of gratitude!

  • Words - I write and I speak out loud. Powerful, positive self-talk is imperative, with daily practice, you are able to re-wire your subconscious state, that holds onto those infuriating limiting beliefs!

I no longer ask for things or actively and intentionally manifest specific things. 

I actually and very truthfully already have everything I ever dreamed of. 

My power now, lies in consistently having a raised energetic vibration, remaining in a state of awareness and ascension and sharing my knowledge and lessons with others.

Beauty - whether it be beautiful textiles, beautiful decor, beautiful destinations or the beauty of watching another human being become the most magnificent version of themselves, keeps me vibrating in a state of constant energetic joyfulness.

There are no words to express my appreciation of this incredible life and all I get to do and experience.

And when you're in a constant state of appreciation and joyfulness - you invite MORE things to be appreciative and joyful of, into your experience - and it simply becomes a seamless part of the ebb and flow of daily existence.

Now? All I have to do, is have a passing thought and it manifests with immediacy. Sometimes shockingly so! I am still always surprised at the ease and speed with which the Universe can deliver, when you're truly a vibrational match and in alignment, for everything you desire and deserve.

I have also been used as a conduit by the Universe in recent months, to assist in manifesting the desires and dreams of others. And that left me breathess and incredibly humbled.

I am forever and always, actively and intentionally creating my own life experiences.

That one, fundamental truth - changes the entire game my friends.

I want that for you too!

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I truly cannot wait to watch all of you step into your own greatness and actively and intentionally live the big, bold, passionate life you desire and deserve!

It IS possible!

And I'll be right there with you, every step of the way, showing you exactly how!

To your infinite greatness my friends!

Biggest Love,

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