The Manifestation Masterstroke - Part 3

by Jo

Part 3 with 

Here we go friends!

The third part to a simple 3 step manifestation process that should have you elevated and ready to take on the world!

I am so humbled by the tremendous response to Part 1 and Part 2 - and really folks, this is not rocket science and it's definitely not magic.

Manifestation is the process of harnessing the energy of the Universe to get all that you desire and bring it into your reality in the NOW.

Manifestation, is a practice and a process - centered around us becoming an energetic match for what we desire. 

When we are the perfect match, the Universe can't help but deliver that which we've asked for - and often it delivers more than we ever dreamed possible.

The work, begins and ends with SELF.

So to re-cap - In Part 1, I spoke of the need to ALLOW 

  • Allow yourself to dream bigger dreams for yourself
  • Allow what you desire most to be what you request of the Universe. 
  • Step through the fear and the self deprecation and the defeatist attitude we all so often have and ALLOW.

Part 2 was the instruction of SURRENDER.

And really, part 2 is where the most work needs to be done, in order for us to let go of what it is we desire most. 

  • Let go of the outcome. 
  • Let go of the need to control. 
  • Let go of your perception of a time frame. 
  • Let go of your limiting beliefs and just surrender to the process.

This step takes a great deal of trust.

And that, my friends, leads us so beautifully into Part 3 -

Once we have allowed and surrendered, we must go about the business of believing.

This signifies a trust in the Universe and your conscious and subconscious self, that everything will work out as you intend it to. 

And if you get a cosmic re-direction, you'll roll with that too!

This is the part where we remember that the Universe is always working towards our highest good and we KNOW, without doubt, fear or question - that we will be looked after and get everything we need.

Whilst SURRENDER may indeed be the hardest part for our conscious selves - BELIEVING is also hard for so many of us to do.

Why do you think that is?

What I know for sure from personal experience and what I've found with my 1:1 coaching clients is this ;

  • We are all too often so critical of ourselves and our decisions. 
  • We don't believe in our own abilities.
  • We often second guess ourselves or play into "imposter syndrome" as a result.
  • We never give ourselves enough credit.
  • We never trust ourselves enough.

And these are all limiting beliefs, based on the stories we tell ourselves, often stemming from experiences in our past.

What you must know and understand is the only thing that matters is the NOW. 

Who you once were, has no bearing on who you will become for the world.

The poor choices you may have once made, are not a direct reflection of what is yet to come for you!

We evolve through our lives and change. And it is because of our past mistakes and poor choices, that we now have the ability and awareness, to KNOW that we must also work towards our highest good.

Our own evolution and ascension is the driving force behind everything we do. And once we're in that space of allowance and surrender - we won't feel the resistance that may come up, to finally BELIEVE.

Remember, you are the Universe and the Universe is you.

We are not relying on some external, intangible force to manifest our desires into our lives. 

We are relying on our powerfully, aligned selves, to call that which already exists, into our human experience in the NOW.

It truly is, as simple as that!

And once you know how, once you understand the process, once you do the work - it IS a simple and fluid process that works FOR us, every single time.


These 3 words become powerful markers on our journey toward heightened awareness and energetic alignment.

This is the space of remembering my friends.

If you think for a moment about who you want to become for the world, your greatest aspirations, your deepest desires, your secret wishes for yourself and your life here on earth.

THAT woman (or man) already exists!

That powerful, creative, attuned, aligned and magnificent human being already exists! It is our job, our calling, to finally and fully step into ourselves and share our gifts and greatness with the world!

But to do this, to know this, you must BELIEVE.

I am always so overwhelmed at the transformation process of self. 

The evolution of a human being truly awakening, is breathtaking and extraordinary.

I was present and conscious throughout my own self evolution and was awed by all that unfolded within me and around me, as I became energetically aligned with who I was meant to be for the world!

It is exciting! 

And once you're on the path to self awakening, there truly is no stopping you!

Everything you have ever wanted, lies on the other side of knowingness.

So we need to make a choice.

If you're feeling stuck, uninspired and generally down about where your life currently is - that's a big flashing sign for


We're allowed "rest stops"- we're allowed to take time out to compute and to breathe again. 

But there is no need to ever feel stuck my friends.

You have the power to alter, shift and completely change your life.

  • 10 years ago, my Mother died.
  • 7 years ago I weighed over 350 pounds.
  • 7 years ago I was a struggling single Mother.
  • 7 years ago I lived pay check to pay check and was only JUST staying above the poverty line.
  • 7 years ago I was sad, lonely, depressed and stuck - in every way you possibly can be. In a life I KNEW, was not meant for me!

I was persecuting myself for my poor choices and all of my trauma. 

I was hating myself for being fat. 

I loathed myself for staying in a truly awful job, answering to truly awful people, who were not and never will be in alignment with my values.

I can say the same about the relationships I had with other people and ultimately, the relationship I had with myself!

But I was a single Mother! I had to work! I had to "settle" for being stuck! There was no way out!

For years, my weight ballooned, my confidence plummeted and I repeatedly beat myself up for being on a never ending roller coaster of complete and utter despair.

So when I looked at my Mother as she was dying and told her that someday I would have a big, white, beautiful house and I would plant wild bougainvillea around it's entire perimeter, so she could remain forever with me...

She laughed.

Because my friends, I was as far away from realizing that dream as any human being possibly could be!

But here we are. 10 years later.

  • I have the big white house with the cascading, spiraling bougainvillea that hugs the walls of my home.
  • I lost the weight that had me drowning and suffocating in sadness and despair.
  • I leveled UP in my life to KNOW that I deserved more and it all started with ME!
  • I have the two beautiful little daughters, I was told I would never be able to have.
  • I met the love of my life - who truly is the cool earth, who cradles my fire. He is EXACTLY and precisely what I wished for!
  • But most of all - the change in ME is most profound and monumental.

My life today, is unrecognizable to the one I existed in and genuinely loathed 10 years ago.

I often wonder if my Mother would even recognize ME, if she were alive today!

But here I am.

I changed my entire world. 

And the things I manifested and called into my reality, were certainly not as simple as a cheeky cup of coffee!

  • The love of my life.
  • Two more babies.
  • A big, beautiful, white house.
  • The garden of my dreams, including wild bougainvillea.
  • The successful, creative and fulfilling business I longed to have.
  • Global adventures and magnificent opportunities to travel the world.
  • Infinite and sincere happiness.
  • And ultimately and always, the ability to HELP others, to get where they need to be, to become the person they were meant to become!


I know how. I understand the process. I've lived through every season of it and manifestation is now a daily practice for me.

And I want YOU to have it all too!

Everything and anything you desire and want for yourself and your life IS possible!

Make it big! Make it bold! And make your experience here on earth, the most profound gift you ever give yourself and everyone around you.

BELIEVE my friends! 

It IS all possible.

And I'm going to show you how! My Manifestation Master Class is coming! 

But first, just start right here, with these three steps.


Whether you're a creative spirit just starting out on your journey, an established entrepreneur ready to level up, or a frustrated, disconnected and sad human being, like I used to be - My Manifestation Master Class will help you change your life!

You have to want it.

You have to do the hard work.

And you have to have the desire to see real, tangible and massive shifts in your world!

As you raise your energetic existence, the Universe will meet you exactly and precisely where you are.

If this sounds like you, if my story could be your own, or if you simply KNOW, that you were meant for a greater and far more powerful purpose in this life.....

IT IS TIME my friends!

I truly have everything I have ever asked for and so much more than I ever dreamed possible!

Now, I want it ALL for you too!

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I look so forward to watching you bloom!

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Biggest Love,